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Photo: Bob Grotz, Daily Times

Well, he won’t turn white despite ESPN’s best efforts, but you get the point– Michael Vick would like to become a fashionista. Happy Monday, folks.

The always reliable NY Post reports the following: 

A source tells us that a publicist for the NFL star “is asking around for Fashion Week invites.” It sounds like Vick is keen to develop links with the fashion world by following in the footsteps of Amar’e Stoudemire, who sat front row at Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2011 and later inked a deal to design a fashion line with Rachel Roy. But we’re told Vick, who isn’t known for his sartorial sense, hasn’t quite been besieged with invites to sit with Anna Wintour and company. One Fashion Week insider told us, “Curious who will have him.” 


Right. I’m not even sure what this means exactly, but I can’t imagine fashion designers are lining up to be affiliated with an ex-con. Who knows, though, stranger things have happened. We’ll keep an eye out for QB 7 sitting alongside a runway somewhere.

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