Ryan Madson Agrees to Hilarious One-Year Deal With Reds

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Perhaps Sarah Madson really does hate us.

The Reds stole Ryan Madson last night. They stole him for a reported one-year deal worth $8.5 million.

Pause button.

$8.5 million? Madson could have landed more by accepting arbitration with the Phillies, who just paid Jonathan Paplebon over $50 million.

It’s clear that the market for an unproven closer quickly dried up on Madson and his agent, Scott Boras. But there was some discussion, as recently as the Winter Meetings, that the Phillies were still interested in signing Madson to a one-year deal to be a setup man for Paplebon, even after Madson declined the Phillies' arbitration offer. 

He clearly wanted to get out of Philly, go to a place where he can prove himself as a closer (for a full season), and then cross his fingers for a long-term deal next year. Meanwhile, the Phillies are figuring out how to work an extra $58 into Papelbon's gigantic contract.

We’ll have more as it becomes available.

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28 Responses

  1. I get where he’s coming from, but goddamn he is an idiot. I’m guessing he won’t get a nice welcome when we play them next season.

  2. Did you mean dried up?
    This deal makes a ton of sense for Madson if he wants to make a boatload of money. He needs to go somewhere where he can be THE man to close and justify himself in the eyes of people who pay closers ridiculous sums of money. He can dominate here, but he’ll never be able to prove himself in that closer spot unless Papelbon wasn’t pitching for some reason. Oh well. I liked Madson and the Phillies never gave up on him, but it is what it is.

  3. I’d go for the beer, but I like my long hair… Guess I should keep it open for people who get haircuts.
    This is sad, but what can you do? Hope he fails with the Reds and comes crawling back? Naw, I wish him the best of luck when we’re not playing the Reds.

  4. I dont blame MadDog at all. He did the right thing, to try to prove himself as a closer (after being forced into the role with Lidge’s meltdown) unlike the Phillies. This might be the first time I dont like what Rubes did. Madson was here, good and bad, and he wasn’t repaid for his work, he didnt get that vote of confidence he was looking for. But hey, who knows, maybe they’ll trade for him mid-season when Papelbon and his $58 are on the IR.

  5. It sucks to see him go, but the guy wants to be a closer. he was hoping for big money and a LT deal from the phils, but that didn’t happen.
    can’t blame him for this move, hope he can stay healthy and land a big contract next year.
    Probably one of the most “under the radar” phils ever, especially when you consider his tenure with the team.
    He’ll be missed.

  6. Papelbon 229 Saves 29 Blown Saves.
    Madson 52 Saves. 26 Blown Saves.
    There is a very good reason that Papelbon got fair market value for an elite closer and Madson did not.

  7. Unless you’re an elite player, why bother with Boras. He always shots for the stars. Madson would have been well served by a 4 year $36 million deal.

  8. Kyle,
    He would have made about 8.5 million from arbitration, maybe a little bit more but he wouldn’t have been a closer, so if he got offered arbitration next year or a similar one year deal it would have been significantly less than if he was a closer. It’s more about the future dollars than wanting to get out of philly.

  9. I agree with JOHN and NICKFROMGERMANTOWN, above, this is a “show them what you got deal” for madson, ten mil is nice, for one year. He wants closer money he has to be in a closer role, simple as that. He didnt have that option here. Madson and boras the dick, see this as a temp step back. if madson comes out and lights it up, he will get that 4+ year deal

  10. So it was reported that during the winter meetings the Phils offered Madson $44 mil for 4 years and he declined. Now he settles for $8.5 mil for 1 year. He should get Scott Boras to pay him the difference of $2.5 mil he just cost Madson this year.

  11. Just anothr guy who is incapable of making his own decisions. Just listen to Boras and your wife, moron. At least all the chairs at Citizens Bank Park are safe now.

  12. Anyone listen to 94.1 lastnight…Ricky Ricardo was on (SPanish broadcaster of phils games) He was talking with his partner regarding madson and said “he is a different man in the mensroom” “you know what I mean” to his partner. Anyone? Perhaps Maddog hung out in the bathrooms at the Wannamaker Building…..crinkle crinkle.

  13. Dicky Dick –
    While I don’t disagree with your idea in principle, the 26 blown saves versus 52 saves may be a misleading stat.
    Relievers get penned for a blown save in the 6th, 7th and 8th innings, so there is no telling how many of those blown saves were not true 9th inning ones.
    But, as I said, agree with you overall on the basis of it.

  14. I agree Andrew, that is a misleading stat. And sure Pap is going to have more saves in his career, he’s a CAREER closer, but doesnt mean he was great either. Madson was FORCED into the role do to his lights out 7th and 8th innings before Lidge and the others couldn’t close games/got hurt. I just dont see the point in spending the money on a new guy who’s as unproven as the guy we had, and trying to add new chemistry that might not help. Give it to the guy that was here and let him earn his keep. He’ll still have trade valuse so it wouldnt be a problem

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