Sixers Bring Back a 30-Year-Old Anthem That Should Really Excite The Young Demographic

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The Sixers are doing everything they can to instill some nostalgia and remind us that we actually do have a basketball team with a decent past. That’s fine. But progress is a good thing, too. As Pat Croce mentioned on our podcast two weeks ago, sometimes you just need to move forward (he thinks the Sixers old ownership group shouldn’t have reverted to very plain, slightly modernized versions of the throwback uniforms that the team currently wears).

Some of the new ownership group's decisions, such as lowering ticket prices and hiring Ayla Brown (who, sadly, got the kill vote in this week’s Six Pack), have been good ones. Others, like rescuing Tom Lamaine from Retirement River and the 1980s-style movie promos, have been perplexing, if not corny.

Now there's this.

Today, Adam Aron announced on CSN’s Lunch Break that the team will bring back their Here Come The Sixers anthem, a dead song that they spent three months searching for the rights to…

What? Why?

Here’s what Aron said later in a press release:

“Ever since our new ownership arrived just three months ago, fans have asked us to bring back this classic song. And we have pledged that we will listen to our fans,” said Aron. “We are thrilled to further enhance our game night experience with a touch of nostalgia, and hope Philadelphia will clap their hands and stomp their feet with us as we cheer on our Sixers.”


No one is going to stomp their feet. Except this guy:


The Sixers have a history, yes, but we’re trying to reach a younger demographic here, right? Here’s my suggestion: whoever sings the song sounds a lot like Adam Levine of Maroon 5. How about commissioning Levine to do a remake and using that? Then I'd be impressed. Or, better yet, just have Ayla Brown sing the Divinyls’ 1991 hit I Touch Myself during every timeout. That would sell some tickets.

I'll file this one under corny.

Song is after the jump.


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  1. I for one am VERY happy they’re bringing the song back, but am not opposed to the idea of a remake

  2. Kyle, you don’t like it because you just found out Philadelphia had a basketball team this season.

  3. Why not reach out to more than just one demographic? My Dad still makes a paycheck and buys tickets to support our Sixers too. Hopefully he will be able to catch games for another 30 years too.

  4. Isn’t Will Smith a partial owner? Hey Will, stop making shitty movies with M. Night Shammamadong and get Jazzy Jeff to whip something up that isn’t from the fuckin’ 70s…

  5. I disagree, the song is so corny its awesome. I am very happy it is being brought back. But as mentioned earlier I wouldn’t be opposed to a remake.
    Didn’t you want Big Shot back? That’s nostalgic too…but I would like that too haha.

  6. I just saw on’s homepage that the Sixers are the #1 trend world wide as of 4:45p. Holy Hell, that is amazing. I thought something happened because that couldn’t possibly be.

  7. Wait a second. Isn’t every college fight song ancient? Don’t the Harlem Globetrotters still come out to Sweet Georgia Brown? Isn’t Fly Eagles Fly still played at every Eagles game and after every Eagles scoring play? This song was the anthem of the Sixers during their greatest era, and many fans still relate to that? Maybe a modern version is in the future, but the last I looked Frank Sinatra, the Standells and even Harry Kalas are still singing songs through the audio systems of some of the most famous teams in these United States, sharing quality music across generation. Get a sense of tradition, sir!

  8. The great thing about reviving a song from the 70s and 80s is that it brings fans back to when the Sixers used to regularly contend for championships. Yes, it’s “dated’, but it’s so “dated” that it’s not in any danger of being in that weird limbo between being current and retro.
    There are a lot of older fans out there who’ve been waiting for the team to be worth watching again, and they’ll welcome hearing the familiar tune. Once people get used to hearing it, they can always have someone else remake it, whether it’s Adam Levine, Will Smith, The Roots, or whoever else.

  9. WIP has had people playing that song for at least 2 seasons now.
    Stop being crotchety. Would you rather have some half assed rapper try to come up with something else?
    It’s a good catchy song.
    Tony has a great idea, get the Roots to redo it. Instant win.

  10. Kyle, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You lose style points with me, son, for not liking it. Not only that, but you lose even more in the integrity book for thinking Maroon-fucking-five should redo the song. You = awful; this song = not awful.

  11. “Iron Balls McGinty will f anybody”
    Posted by: Ron Noel | January 26, 2012 at 04:26 PM
    Aye, as long as they still have all the girlie parts they were born with, even iffin they got 2 vaginas: (and iffin they’re of age, of course).
    But you Ron, you’ll let yourself get buggered by Willie Penn’s dong, shown in that video above at 1:48:
    Hey Laddie, that song brings back good memmories. I used to play it all the time in me 8 track (above me drink rack) in me Fu(n-Tru)ckin’ Van:
    Hahahahahah that was a good Crapple Movie when it came out, and I wishtdatI still had me shaggin van but with modern susspension—cause with it rockin less you’ll get less bothering from the coppers.

    The Real “Real” (and originall) Iron Balls McGinty—Often imposterered, never outclassed.

  12. The only person that wouldn’t like this incredible song would be a popped collar douchebag from the Main Line that delusionally thinks he has his finger on the pulse of things. You know anyone like that? And really? Maroon Fucking Five?? How fucking cheesy are you exactly????

  13. Actually, I don’t know why I would be shocked that CB would find this big ball of awesomeness lame. In fact, it makes perfect fucking sense.

  14. My roomates and I have been bumping this after every win, as well as mornings of games after Barstool Philly posted it a couple weeks back

  15. this is the greatest PR move of all time by any franchise
    shocking the whitest souless blog on the internet would be against this

  16. Kyle, I suggest you git the streets. My friends and I were one of the many people that wrote countless letters to bring this song back in the fold.
    This is THE Sixers anthem. Another step in the right direction.

  17. jesus, i don’t like the song. it has nothing to do with my socioeconomic status. the internet!

  18. This just goes to show the demographic your site appeals to. That being the younger teen-college fan who can barely remember the days of Iverson, let alone the greatest era of 76ers basketball.

  19. Get the Roots to do a remake in THEIR style, that would be hype, so full of win from every angle!

  20. Kyle, me and my friends (were all 21 or 22) have adopted this song as one of our party anthems over the past two years. This song is hilariously awesome!

  21. Love it! (but wouldn’t mind a remix by Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, way overdue if you ask me!)

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