Video: Malik Rose Channels His “Inner Negrodamus”

[you might need to jack up the volume to hear]

Those are his words, not ours– I don’t think we can stress that enough.

The good news is that new Sixers color analyst Malik Rose has been a major upgrade over Eric Snow, mostly because he’s awake during broadcasts. In fact, last night, he was so awake that he was even able to channel his inner “Negrodamus,” whose name comes to the world courtesy of Dave Chappelle.

For those of you who can’t watch the above video: 

Rose: He made me seem like a fortune teller, right on cue. 

Zumoff: What else do you see in that crystal ball? 

Rose: I don’t know man, I was channeling my inner Negrodamus. 


Something tells me this game won’t be getting a ratings press release from CSN. That statement is based on nothing more than my unscientific calculation, since only one reader, Patrick, took notice of Rose's comment. Thanks, Pat. 

And thank you, Malik.


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  1. “White people love Wayne Brady…because he makes Bryant Gumbel…look like Malcolm X.”
    haha classic line.

  2. I honestly thought what I heard was something from my subconscious, but thankfully someone else heard it. Found it pretty hilarious when Zumoff was dead silent for a couple seconds.

  3. Malik is making a fine impression very early in the season. Maybe because he’s good, or may because just how bad E.Snow was.

  4. ironically,. i was going to send this to you as well, but i figured a thousand people had already e-mailed you. come on people! the sixers are legit this year! hop on the bus!

  5. haha when i was watching the game i thought i heard this and wasnt sure if he actually said it or not but its good to get confirmation

  6. Sixers are the worst basketball product in the philadelphia area.
    Funny, but still will not make me watch.

  7. Common! You are supposed to be a predator. Why did you click on the “Privacy Policy” link? Don’t you have the same on your website? Isn’t it full of lawyer language stuffed with technical terms to make sure nobody understands it? We do whatever you do

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