Photo: Ultimate Hoops Minnesota's Facebook page

Every so often we like to check in on our former stars, and the hilarity with which they might currently be involved.

We have some winners this week. Please keep in mind that none of what you are about to read is made up for comedic purposes.

First up (as seen above in a picture taken last week): Donovan McNabb is playing for Ultimate Hoops Minnesota, part of the self-proclaimed best recreational basketball league in the country. Sweet. Perhaps Five could use another pep talk from Kurt Warner. But there is good news: McNabb put up 14 and 10 for Most Dominant Ever in a game against the Rockets. No, not those Rockets.

Number two: Terrell Owens is taking his talents to… the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League, a team which he will co-own. Here’s what T.O. said on a video posted to his Twitter

Uh oh, it’s official, it just went down: I’m headed back to Texas, that’s right, IFL, here I come. Allen, Texas, here I come. Imma be me on


Nice, a plug for the video service he used to make the announcement… and the one that is probably paying him. He's also still working out half-naked.

Finally, number three: Former Sixers coach Eddie Jordan is coaching freshmen at Archbishop Carroll in D.C. where his team’s huddle break is Carroll swag! Really. via FOX in D.C.:

Eddie mentioned he would like to coach again. He said he would prefer to be a couple of seats to the right now, an assistant. But for now, he's good being the highest paid coach in the history of high school freshman basketball. The 76ers are still paying him 3 million dollars. 


That last line makes me sad. Video of Jordan’s new Sixers-funded career is after the jump.


Former Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan Leading Carroll High School Team: