Your Monday Morning Roundup

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The Philadelphia Passion Lingerie football team won the Eastern Conference this weekend, photo via (@SwaggerNuggets)

Good morning, Humans. The worst week in sports is over… I think. No meaningful football, no Eagles, little baseball hot stove news and no spring training yet, and several days off from meaningful hockey… all punctuated by the two worst all-star games in sports. But fear you shant– we’re just a little over two weeks away from spring training, the Flyers will begin the second half of their somewhat surprising season tomorrow night, the Sixers are still good, the groundhog will pop his furry head out of a fucking hole on Thursday, and, of course, the Super Bowl is this Sunday. We can see the light. Almost. 

Let’s hit it.


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The roundup

– Scott Hartnell delighted us all last night with his Suck it, Phaneuf on CBC.

– Sean Couturier and, sadly, Patrick Kane won the evening at the All-Star Skills Competition.

– Sixers! The team inquired about Amare Stoudemire, but it’s being classified as “due diligence.”

– The Sixers report soaring ticket sales and TV ratings.

– Random, but strange. The College of Charleston basketball coach left because of a mysterious medical problem.

– Oh look, Marcus Hayes wrote something that wasn’t awful about the Marlins challenging the Phillies in the East.

– Our ad network, Big Lead Sports, was sold to USA Today. Here are some interesting details about the blurring of lines between new and old media.


15 Responses

  1. Kyle,
    “Sixers! The team acquired about Amare Stoudemire, but it’s being classified as “due diligence.”
    **inquired not acquired. That would get some pants wet around here. Just an FYI

  2. Passion’s Angela (Perfetto?) is a goddamned knockout!
    She’s a LB too.
    Maybe the Birds can use her.

  3. the worst time in sports is actually after the super bowl – march madness. NHL games still mean nothing, no football, no baseball besides spring training and the sixers will be coming off horrible losses when they finally get into the meat of their schedule.
    also, am i the only one who loves the nhl all star game? its the purest form of the sport. no clutching, grabbing, interfering, fighting, etc. just pure skill, up and down the ice for 60 mins

  4. my cousin dates that girl in the white. gonna save that awesome, exciting story for a party sometime….

  5. @TR
    The all-star game is far from the purest form of the sport. Fighting in the sport is a separate debate, but no matter what the stance on that is, checking and defense are a huge part of the sport in its “pure” form and there’s hardly a focus on either one in the allstar game. The game is a bunch of talented individuals goofing around for 60 minutes trying to setup video game goals
    pretty sure every NHL game matters especially in a division as tight as the Atlantic, especially post-All Star break.

  6. It’s a well known fact that Amare Stoudemire is the cheapest/ignorant nba player ever. Never tips

  7. I want to see the Sixers do well against the next next four teams or I will lose interest quickly. At least give me 2-2 against the Magic, Bulls, Heat and Hawks. Beating up on shitty teams and losing to the good one’s is a recipe for mediocrity.

  8. @Mac
    I hear you on the defense, checking etc. I was being somewhat facetious but I do love the video game goals…..that said, say what you want about the tight atlantic division, the flyers will make the playoffs and that is all that matters. I think it is hard to argue that divisions winners or seedings actually matter in hockey, for any sport for that matter. 50%+ of the NHL makes the playoffs, the flyers will be there. how they are playing leading up to april will matter, not if they won their division

  9. @TR – believe me playoff seeding matters especially when you don’t want to face Boston or the Rangers in the first round.

  10. Hey Kyle, if you ever type the phrase “man facial” again, I’m not reading your blog anymore. C’mon bro.

  11. I’d like to push Marcus Hayes off of a roof and have him land on David Murphy and Angelo Cataldi having gay sex in an alley.

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