Alec Baldwin Says The Eagles Showed Up To School Naked

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At the opening of the 2012 NFL Honors Show on Saturday night, actor Alec Baldwin took a shot at the 2011 Eagles.

"The lockout ended and we then had an accelerated Free Agent signing period. The Philadelphia Eagles made a lot of high-profile acquisitions, which led Vince Young to proclaim them the 'Dream Team.'

"Well he was right, it was a dream season. Unfortunately it was one of those dreams where you show up at school naked, you forget to study for the test and you lose four of your first five games. You know — that dream. Is LeSean McCoy laughing? I'm not looking over there."


This, of course, comes just days after the Phillie Phanatic appeared in a scene with Baldwin on 30 Rock. And, you know, that time Billy Baldwin stopped by Joe Paterno's funeral but seemingly wasn't allowed in. Baldwins are all over your local sports scene. Where you at Steven?!

The full video is here. LeSean and DJax were in attendance, so yeah, that may have been a bit awkward.

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12 Responses

  1. As we watch our neighbors to the north celebrate another title, Philadelphia sports deserve to be the brunt of jokes. Season after season we enter as a top favorite and never win One championship in 30 years is unacceptable — especially given the talent we’ve had. Phillies have been one of the elite for past 5 years and only won 1. Eagles zippo!. Flyers are contenders every year and have not won in 35 years. Heck .. we even lost the Lingerie Football Championship yesterday.
    I’ll stay diehard to the day I die…I just hope I live long enough to see some titles!

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