Donovan McNabb Doesn’t Think Peyton Manning Would be a Fit in D.C. Because Donovan McNabb Wasn’t a Fit in D.C.

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I’m not a big fan of the “Kick Donovan McNabb While He’s Down Because The Dirty 30 Gets Their Jollies Out of Such Things" club… but I do enjoy a good delusional McNabb story. 

This may qualify. 

And it's still February.

Speaking to ESPN 980, the former Five said that Peyton Manning wouldn’t work out in D.C. because, well, he (McNabb) didn’t work out in D.C.


“Peyton’s not gonna go there,” he said. “I don’t see Peyton ending up in Washington. Because what happens is now, you’re bringing in another veteran who will be 35 36, who has been in one offense throughout his career. It’s the same situation.”

“Now he comes over, and as they say now, Peyton is such an offensive coordinator on the offense. So now what does that do to your offensive coordinator? Does he step down? Does he step back? Does he begin to change the whole offense according to the play of the quarterback that he has in Peyton Manning? Well, I didn’t see that happen, so I definitely don’t see that happening for Peyton.”


Of course, because clearly McNabb is on the level with Manning. And because clearly coaches should have let McNabb’s panicky and pukey (unverified) self run the offense. And because clearly McNabb is destined for the Hall of Fame, like Super Bowl Champion Peyton Manning. Clearly. CLEARLY.


“I played for 11 years in Philadelphia, where it was built around the ability that I had and the guys that we had already there. I think a lot of times when you go in a situation late, and then you have a new coach, you have a new style where they just think their style is gonna work automatically, not looking at the players that they have…..”


He went on to take subtle jabs at his coaches in D.C.– you can read that here. None of it is surprising, really. But, in former Five’s mind: I didn’t work out there, therefore one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time won’t work out there.

Seems reasonable.

As reader Billy notes, the McNabb=Manning math is quite fuzzy. I’d say former Five is missing an X or Y in there someone. Like: McNabbX=Manning. Solve for X. X= a Super Bowl and gobs of NFL records. 

Anyway, the point is probably moot. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio points out that Manning is likely using Washington’s interest to drive up his price.

– checks calendar – Yep, still February.

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H/T to reader Josh


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  1. football season is over. do people watch espn to get donovan’s take on peyton manning? i gave up on watching espn. either way his verbal diarrhea is funny.

  2. Ever notice espn loves to feature guests that say stupid shit ? Well done mcpuke – this is what it’s come to. You’re a clown on espn. Just here to amuse us.

  3. “As reader Billy notes, the McNabb=Manning math is quite fuzzy. I’d say former Five is missing an X or Y in there.”
    No, I’d say it’s more likely he has an extra x or y. As in an extra chromosome.
    But for real, If McNabb would just stop pointing fingers at everyone but himself I’d be able to like the man. Dude, you had a ten year career, and it’s over. You went from great to almost terrible in a short amount of time, more likely due to your massive weight gains. Should have stayed away from the Chunky son.

  4. I think it’s safe to say that no one in the history of the NFL, if not all of professional sports plays the victim card better than Donnie Drama. He’s a barrel of laughs anytime someone sticks him in front of a camera. Whine on, my man, whine on, you provide me with lots of chuckles.

  5. McNabb is just a former NFL QB frustrated that he was given only 1 chance at a SB Ring and he blew the game… about a lifetime of regret for that blown game. Leave him alone, he did get us out of those dreadful Kotite years….we gotta thank him and Reid for that… the very least!

  6. Only thing in common is a Super Bowl loss.. Maybe also that their families try and stay in the spotlight.. Momma McNabb and Archie.. Someone set them up.

  7. Aaron: Get your facts straight. McNabb and Reid came onboard after Ray Rhodes was canned follwing the 1998 season, Richie the K was long gone by then. And by the way, McNabb had been thanked plenty, to the tune of the millions and millions of dollars Jeff Lurie gave him over the course of his tenure in Philly. But now, McNabb regularly sows the seeds of his own humiliation by acting the fool anytime he goes on TV since most of the time he whines about how he had been dissed by seemingly everyone he came in contact with over the course of his checkered career.

  8. I guess we’re supposed to be angry that McNabb doesn’t call himself a piece of shit. I thought his points were valid. The Shanahans would want to call the shots.

  9. I’m not defending Donnie 5 – forget what you think he’s saying (do you all work for and concentrate on what he is saying:
    Even Peyton Manning could not be successful in D.C. Just like Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, Shanahan, et al.
    Washington is a mess run by one of the biggest JERKOFFS in the NFL. The place is hopeless – without hope.
    It’s the graveyard for QBs and coaches.

  10. I don’t think he’s saying that he thinks he’s better the Peyton, he’s saying that Shanahan is so dead set on his system that he’s unwilling to change for anybody. Sounds similar to a certain hockey coach in Philadelphia.

  11. And who could fault the little boy for his sobering, direct
    answer. This suggests the siblings have a familiarity and comfort.
    – At one point during the 2005 season, Donovan Mc – Nabb threw nine consecutive touchdown passes of distances of seven yards or less.

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