Eagles Linebacker Brian Rolle Get into it with Fans, Makes Unfortunate Joke on Twitter

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Well, the Eagles continue to be idiots on Twitter.

This afternoon, not-so-good linebacker Brian Rolle tweeted about “weak” (strength weak) linebackers at the NFL combine. Of course he heard about it and responded the only way a current Philadelphia Eagle would: by criticizing fans.

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Lovely. The your opinion doesn’t count, small fry argument never works well for Philly athletes, but I can’t totally trash Rolle here– he was making a simple comment about the combine (as unintelligible as it was) and got lambasted by followers for no reason. You can’t blame him for responding the way he did.

That said, when someone brought up Luke Kuechly, a potential linebacker draft pick for the Eagles, Rolle made an unfortunate joke:

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 1.39.12 PM


The Eagles really need to hire a PR person to handle social media.

Meanwhile, at CSN, Derrick Gunn continued to redefine journalistic excellence in his conversation with Jamaal Jackson…


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Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 2.40.20 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 2.40.20 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 2.40.20 PM


Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 2.40.20 PM




We’ll look forward to that interview.

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34 Responses

  1. i love athletes like brian rolle who walk around acting like big tough guys all day, but come game day they get put in their fucking place every single week.
    wheres this fucking big shot tough guy when a 320 lb guard comes pulling around the edge? laid out on his fucking ass unable to get up, thats where.
    fuck you brian rolle!

  2. I agree 100 percent with Adam. The early Reid teams were great because you could really get behind guys like Dawk, Trott, Westbrook, and pretty much everyone on those teams. Now, a dog murderer might be the most likable guy on the team other than Shady.
    Pro athletes really should have it in their contracts that they can’t use Twitter. Don’t give me the freedom of speech argument. Their public idiocy is hurting their company’s reputation.

  3. You guys suck. People are coming at this guy and he’s not supposed to get defensive when you say he sucked? No, according to you clowns he’s supposed to sit there and take it. The short bus comment was stupid but come on when you come at a guy you expect him to just let people shit all over him to his twitter account?

  4. eaglesfan22- When you’re one of the worst players on a bad team, and you start shit by criticizing other players in a public forum, yes, he’s supposed to sit there and take it.

  5. He’s not “one of the worst players on a bad team”. Is he good? No. But he will be on the team next year. All he is doing is defending himself. Don’t see the need to read into it saying he’s belittling the fans because of that. If fans want to come at him what do you want him to sit with his tail in between his legs? I dunno I don’t see what’s wrong with it when you’re personally attacking the guy.

  6. I’m sorry, eaglesfan22, but I must’ve have missed Rolle’s participation in the Pro Bowl. The only reason he played at all in 2012 was because the guys ahead of him on the depth chart stunk like day old diapers. Frankly speaking, Rolle should thank his lucky stars he has a job and isn’t on an unemployment line somewhere.

  7. eaglesfan22- You keep implying that fans came at him unprovoked. He brought this upon himself by criticizing the LBs at the combine. Don’t make a comment like that if you’re in his position and can’t take the heat.
    And, yes, I’d say he’s one of the worst players on a bad team. A part-time starter at the position that is the team’s weakest, that makes him one of the worst players on the team in my book. And a 4-8 team that rallied in mostly meaningless games to finish 8-8, that’s a bad team. So I stand by my comment.

  8. Ok well I can name probably at least 10-15 worse players on the 2011 roster. One of the worst starters I’d agree with. Not that it’s saying much but he was the second best LB on this team. That is unprovoked. Did he say “Hey fans you guys are so stupid for wanting a linebacker cause all of these guys are terrible”? The safeties are just as bad as the LB’s.

  9. Agree to disagree about him being one of the worst players.
    I don’t know how you can say it was unprovoked. Did the fans rip him out of the blue? No. The fans’ comments were in direct response to critical comments Rolle made in a public forum. Again, even if he’s a mediocre player on a mediocre team (which is being generous), when you make that comment, you have to be prepared for backlash.

  10. Just cause there are 10-15 players worse then him doesn’t mean he isn’t a bad player. This defense was awful so saying there are still 10-15 players worse then him is not implying much at all.

  11. I hope they draft Kuechly now. Or trade up to #2 for whatever it takes. Vick is injury prone and is going to be 32 when the season starts. The age in which McNabb played his last year here. We have a young nucleus of players on offense. How great could it be if RG3 was our QB for a decade? I think he’s worth this years 1st, next years 1st, and one of our 2nds this year and a 4th. RG3 could be a top 5 QB for years and in a QB league, he’s worth it. I’d rather throw a lot of draft picks for him then taking under size linebackers and lineman. Eagles would never do that because they don’t like to take risks when it comes to trading a lot of draft picks, but I can dream.

  12. Brian Rolle needs to shut the fuck up and learn how to read a play, as do all of the linebackers. If you’re an average player at best, nobody gives a shit about your opinion just like you don’t care about the fans opinion. Hit the film room bro.

  13. Who gives a fuck if he sits there and takes it, or not.
    He is ranked one of the worst LB’s in the league.
    He is getting replaced ASAP, if their is someone available.
    It is no secret that he would be traded, or cut for one of these “weak” players in a heartbeat.
    Are we supposed to just blind sheep are way by another year?
    It’s true Ohio State had some good LB’s, but he is clearly not one for the pros. No one denies this.
    We can see right though him. Really I don’t think he is smart enough to play the position, never mind opening his mouth to fans.
    “who do you play for” is a 5th grade comment at best.
    Ohio State, the barnyard goats of college football.

  14. Lets face it though. He was probably our best linebacker this year. Chaney, Matthews, Jordan and the “hopefully mike patterson tackles them before they get to the second level” platoon LB core are all awful. Kuechely can’t play all 3 positions.

  15. Like Brian freakin’ Rolle is one to judge LB’s at the combine. He says that they suck because he knows his loose hold on his job won’t last much longer if the Birds draft one of them. And IF HE didn’t suck so bad, the fans wouldn’t be riding him about his comments about weak LB’s. He should check the Eagles’ Defensive stats due to the weak linebacking before making comments about LB in the draft. Can we send this guy to the Cowboys????

  16. Hire a PR person to rob us of these wonderfully unfiltered moments. I hope not. I fear eventually Twitter will make its way into player contracts, and these moments will be gone forever.

  17. Does anyone else notice the massive size of Rolle’s head in Madden 12′?? I would have loved it if another NFL player tweeted a response to Rolle stating what team he played for and why he also believed what all Eagles fans do…that our D sucks!

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