Flyers Might Not Be Done: Still Want Nash, According to Multiple Reports

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Look out, Philadelphia– Paul Holmgren has a gun*.

According to multiple reports, the Flyers are very hard on Rick Nash. Howard Eskin, who has been impeccable with hockey stories over the last year, says that the team is not done and still trying very hard for Nash.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun says the same thing.

Both Eskin and TSN’s Darren Dreger believe that the trade could include James van Riemsdyk (more on his post-game comments about fans here) and Sergei Bobrovsky. Other names thrown out there by Dreger: Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier. 

Tim Panaccio, however, says that it is Columbus pushing Nash on the Flyers, not the other way around.

There are two sides to this coin. Side one: Trading for Rick Nash might lead his teammate Jeff Carter to commit suicide, especially if the return includes Schenn or Couturier– both in Philadelphia as a result of the Richards and Carter trades. Moving one to get a goal scorer like Nash, who has an 8-year, $62 million contract, would essentially be reversing course on the Carter trade, since Nash and Carter are very similar players (that is to say "goal scorers") … with the slight edge probably going to Nash.

Side two: Now that the Flyers have added Grossman and Kubina – B- and B+ defensemen, respectively – adding a player like Nash would probably put them right back in the thick of things… you know, if Bryz and Bob can ever figure out how to stop a puck.

We shall see. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we do know this– JVR may want to hide under a table, because Homer has that look in his eye.

*Paul doesn't actually have a gun (I don't want to get sued)– just a phone.


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  1. They have no cap space…where would they fit Nash in? And quite frankly it’d screw their cap space for the future

  2. Actually… they would have the cap space. Schenn’s cap hit is 3.1 mil. Bob’s cap hit is 1.7 mil. Prongers almost 5 mil is off the books. It could happen.

  3. I can’t believe they’re even entertaining trading Schenn or Coutourier. Smh. Especially Coutourier wtf.

  4. “Trading for Rick Nash might lead his teammate Jeff Carter to commit suicide” made me bust out laughing.

  5. I personally wouldn’t trade Schenn or Cooter. Now if it’s JVR, Bob and a pick, I’m all for that.

  6. dont trade schenn or couturier please. or JVR. banish bryz to the frosty tundra of middle america. star gazing is better in Ohio.

  7. Hopefully this goes down. With the Kubina trade, that makes 51 contracts that the Flyers are responsible for. If they’re able to get this done for JVR and Bob and possibly a 4th or 5th round pick, they’d be at 50 contracts and all would right with the world lol

  8. The Flyers could fit Nash by trading away at least two players with a combined AAV of $8M. Unlikely, but very possible.
    It’s important to remember that the Flyers do *not* have any cap space. They’re relying on LTI relief. Assuming Bourdon is waived (they have 24 active roster members with Sestito assumed to be on IR/LTIR which is one over the max), they’ll have about $500,000 in LTI relief.
    Again, that means that the Flyers would have to trade away two contracts (51 w/ Kubina – 2 = 49 + Nash) with a total of about $8M (Nash’s AAV is $7.8M and the Flyers will need the buffer to avoid cap violations heading into the 2012-13 season).

    That’s half of the problem, people blame Bryz for everything but why does HOMER get a FREE PASS?
    Don’t worry, the 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CEREMONY is coming in just a couple years…….

  10. The flyers will never win a cup until that pussy Eddie “I demand you call me Mr.” Snider sells the team

  11. But to get on topic- do we even really need Rick Nash? We’re above the leaders as far as goals per team are concerned. we need DEFENSE, & fucking GOALTENDING. Christ, we scored 4 goals today and didn’t even get a point. Who agrees with me

  12. Stop complaining about goal tending. It is so stupid. The reason goalies fail in Philly is because the unrelenting pressure put on their backs by impatient fans. Shut up and let them recuperate for once. The short sightedness of Philly fans is what does our goalies in. Just shut up and our goalies will thrive because they are two of the most talented goalies in the league.

  13. Timothy Mike: Please tell me you weren’t serious about what you said. It’s been THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS since the Flyers last hoisted the Cup, I’d say the fans have been exceedingly patient with the team and the stumblebums that passed for goaltenders which the front office paraded through town over the years.
    If anything, it’s been Peter Laviolette who’s shown precious little patience with Bryzgalov or Bob, yanking them in a New York minute if they have a poor outing, like yesterday when both of them stunk like day old diapers. I suspect no other team in the league has as short a leash with their netminders as the Flyers do. And, let’s get real here, those two are NOT among the most talented goalies in the league, though Bryzgalov is certainly paid like one.
    I for one hope he does recover and turn into a superstar, otherwise, this team will be in trouble for a long time to come.

  14. EXACTLY my point…….I don’t get why Snyder and Holmgren get free passes in this city, BOTH are stuck in the 70’s and neither have seen pu$$y in 3 decades…..

  15. Get Steve Nash in here. The leaders on this team suck. Most of the posters on this thread know nothing about hockey.

  16. captain jack, we know nothing about hockey but you want to bring in a point guard to play right wing

  17. Yo, Captain Jack, I’m smart enough to know that on most nights, four goals is enough to win in the NHL unless your blue liners and goaltenders aren’t worth crap. That’s why Rick Nash makes no sense since this team already has enough scoring but the defense is a sieve.

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