Kobe Bryant Thinks The Eagles Need A Tight End, Recruits Gronk… Vick Hits The Links

Kobe Bryant
It doesn't look like Kobe Bryant is a huge Brent Celek fan.

Sitting courtside at the Lakers vs. Celtics game, Gronk was eye candy for the Lower Merion grad, who did his best Howie Roseman impression after the game: [WEEI in Boston]

"I told him the Eagles need a tight end," joked Bryant, who grew up in Philadelphia and remains an Eagles fan. "I'm recruiting. He's a freak athlete. He shouted at me and I shouted back. It's fun to have those conversations with athletes you respect."


Poor Brent– first being involved in a DUI accident on his birthday and now a diss from the Black Mamba.

Meanwhile, QB 7 hit the links today, and we're not sure he understands golf terminology:

Screen Shot 2012-02-10 at 11.37.45 AM

I believe the word he was looking for was fore. Fore is the appropriate term to use there.


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  1. Vick’s just talking about the car in the parking lot that he’ll be aiming at when he tees off on the 15th hole.
    We do it at Ingleside all the time- except our target is a pool in a guy’s front yard across the street from the course. About 160-175 yards away. Have yet to see a splash down, unfortunately.
    Nevermind, you’re right, Starship 7 probably just has no idea.

  2. Vick’s tweet is hysterical!
    I agree with Mellonhead though .. we need more Julie Dorenbos news and photos
    Anybody hear on Mike & Mike this morning that T.O. squandered $80 million!!!

  3. Parade, our current coach did a hell of a job using our tight end the second half of the year when he could actually run routes.

  4. Really Kate… really?
    If citizens couldn’t be fans in the suburbs, then there goes more than half the fan base. Shit, are you saying since I grew up near Cherry Hill, I can’t support Philly sports? Damn, Lower Merion is 10x closer than Cherry Hill.
    Also, with your line of thought, maybe Kobe should be a fan of the Frankfurt Galaxy if he wants to support an NFL related team. It IS the closest team to where he grew up. I’m proud to say that the best basketball player to ever live that played in a town that didn’t have an NFL team is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, even after having a season like they had. Hell, if Kobe had a choice, I bet he’d love to play for the Sixers. That’s damn respectable, especially after the Lebron fiasco and his hometown.
    Thanks Mr. Bryant. I’m very happy to see you still follow the teams you should follow. You suck, Kate. Go put on your pink hat.

  5. Wow, Dan, you got PMS or something?
    I was commenting on the erroneous reporting that he “grew up in Philadelphia.” He can support whatever team he wants, but I’m sick of hearing about “Philadelphia native” Kobe Bryant.

  6. Dan, Kate knows EVERYTHING [sarcasm] about Philly sports……so you are not allowed to comment. She knows everything!!!! (Except where Kobe was Born……and where he played High School Ball). She seems like one of those “Phony fans” that doesn’t have her own opinion, her opinion is whatever Glen MacNow or Angelo Cataldi’s is…….She probably started watching the Phillies in 08 too…..and now she’s a HUUUUUUGE 76ers fan, and been to every home game since A.I. left…..like most, she’s stuck with them thru the bad times!!!!
    Also, I think we know what Vick meant…….just not sure he knows what he shoulda said!!! That’s good evidence on his attention to detail.

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