New York Rangers Goalie Henrik Linqvist


Oh sure, why not? It's not like the Rangers haven't been featured by the NHL to start off their season in Europe… then in 24/7 and the Winter Classic… and that whole playing in New York thing, too. Now they have to mooch off their MSG neighbors by dipping their toe into Linsanity with this ad in today's Newsday.

If I'm Henrik Lundqvist – that is to say a friend of Justin Bieber, world-class goaltender, and John McEnroe jammee partner – then I'm pissed. What, I got to leech onto a 23-year-old Asian kid who has had about two good weeks of professional sports success? Swedish don't play that.

Anyway, yeah, I'm bitter about that whole oh-and-five thing.

via SNY Rangers Blog, Deadspin


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  1. The Rangers and Knicks games have been blacked out in NYC because Time Warner has been sparring with MSG. The Knicks are about ten times more popular than the Rangers in New York.

  2. This is fucking stupid. I hate Lundqvist and all the Rags, but the fact is he’s one of the best goalies in the league. Jeremy Lin has played big role in winning a couple games, most of which have been against shitty under .500 teams.
    I never watch basketball, but I think I’ll tune in next time the Sixers play the Knicks.

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