Oh Look, New Sixers Anthem Singer Made Friends With The Enemy

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If you're not already aware, that is the new Sixers anthemist Ayla Brown. Yesterday, she tweeted out this picture of her and LeBron and wished him luck against the hometown squad.

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  1. where the hell is kyle?????? How can a choke artist like Lebron be the enemy???? he didnt screw us over like he did Cleveland. there will probably be more folks in that building tonight dick riding lebron than there will be cheering for the sixers

  2. Now I officially don’t like her. She must not be from around here with that kind of move. Very bad for her image. I’d like to see Laurin Hart punch her in the mouth.

  3. fire this pig already, im so sick of boston trash being associated with my teams
    Boyz 2 men yo … bring them in !!!
    Beez Nutz

  4. @bobHALO
    I expect anyone that gives a shit about the Sixers to know about her.
    And I expect anyone as creepy as me to see a hot chick and scour the net for info and pics on her.
    Get with it.

  5. Duh… well lower your expectations then because im a die hard Philly fan and I had no clue who this chick was. I can relate to scouring the net for pics and info though.

  6. well her dad got elected as a republican and is acting like a democrat, so of course she aligns with the enemy, it’s a family trait.

  7. She probably couldn’t handle LeBron’s hammer.
    Come after me. I’m a man, I’m 40. I’m not a child.

  8. So are those glasses prescription, or is he just wearing frames as a fashion statement?
    There’s nothing douchier than wearing frames for no reason other than you think it looks good.

  9. There’s been a conspicuous lack of Flyers posts this week. What with Bryz allowing only 1 goal in 4 out of his last 5 games, I thought something might be said about his strong play of late? No?
    You’re right, I didn’t really expect it.

  10. I hate to say it, and I too am an absolute LeBron hater, but every single person here bashing Ayla for meeting LeBron is just mad it isn’t them. Because lets face it, love him or hate him, meeting him would still be cool.

  11. Meet him, sure.
    Not alllow him to tear my anus with his dark pole because he took a picture with me.
    She should be ashamed of herself.
    Of course I’m speculating what happened after the flash.

  12. If Lebron was a real man (which of course he is not) he would have King Kongged her pathetic face with multiple jungle thrusts…then her happy smile turns upside down, her tears of cheap mascara run down her bitch face and he gives her a few power pumps of hate paste for dessert.
    Rot in hell the both of you. Have a blessed day everyone.

  13. Ty – Everyone here would have taken that picture and then tweeted about how he’s a jackass and hopefully gets his ass kicked tonight. She tweeted good luck. I hope she gets booed.

    BOO during the ENTIRE anthem.
    Its okay because you’re not booing the song, you’re booing the coalburner. 😉

  15. Don’t boo during the anthem. It will just give ESPN and the hack writers one more thing to twist around and bash us over. “Oh look, the drunks left over from wing bowl booed the nataional anthem!” Boo when she’s announced but stop the minute the anthem begins. Or better yet send thses cooments to the ownership and get her ass tossed.

  16. Hello, Ms Brown….uhhhhm about that job we gave you to sing the national anthem…well….let’s see I don’t know how to put this but…..we’ve decided to go in a different direction….and…uhhh…well we won’t be needing your services any longer.
    Josh & Adam

  17. This chick should be fired. Pure white trash.
    Joe Banner and lurie would never put up with his kind of behavior

  18. This chick isn’t even hot. Plus with her daddy being a senator from one of the most politically corrupt old money cities in America there’s a good chance she’s a spoiled stuck up twat. Go sing for the Bruins you mudshark.

  19. I guess girlfriend likes dark meat. Hope she gets a nuclear dose of the clap from King Douchebag.
    And Christ, where did Lebron get those glasses from? Not even Clark Kent wears frames THAT thick!

  20. As I said weeks ago, she never should’ve been hired. What? They couldn’t find a local girl? This chick is wrong for Philly. Saw her at the game on 1/25 and she looked ridiculous in her tutu-type dress and high heels. What a crock. This is what you get when you hire a Boston girl, go home.

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