Papelbon Gets His Number By Buying Bastardo A Rolex

Jonathan Papelbon
Cinco Ocho gets what Cinco Ocho wants.

Jonathan Papelbon loves the number 58. He wanted an extra $58 in his contract, and he wanted the number on the Phillies. The only problem is that Antonio Bastardo held that number last year.

How does one solve that problem? A Rolex.

According to Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Papelbon bought Bastardo a Rolex in exchange for his number.

Too easy.


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  1. @wtf actually that is common practice in sports. ive heard some times it ranges from 10 to 20 grand for the number. sometimes its a humiliation in front of the new teammates.

  2. @Ravange790, I agree with the first guy, I have a feeling that Papelbon is going to turn out to be a major douche bag.

  3. Papelbon IS a douche bag but this Phillies team is to squeaky clean when it comes to character. Maybe a dab of douche will do us good. We dont need 100% alter boys

  4. Give me a world series championships and I won’t give a fuck about how big of a douche a player is. Philly will love you if you just win.

  5. He may be a douche, but that’s EXACTLY what this team needs. A fired up guy that has attitude. He’ll be great in this city. And like someone said, athletes always buy their numbers from each other. John Kruk bought his number from Mitch Williams with a case of beer. Seriously.

  6. Please stop covering Papelbon. I want to like him. Wait until we see his horribly slow delivery.

  7. Plus I will take a winner team of cool players over a dickbag team, Red sox, Yankees anyday.
    He is not the kind of fire we need. He is a dick to people. If that’s cool, or fire you’re looking for…you can have him.

  8. Let’s hope he gives the guys some fire and the guys calm down some of his douchebaggery. I can’t see any extreme shenanigans escaping the retribution to be exacted from Manuel, Halladay, Utley, Thome, and Rollins.

  9. They needed to sign someone to hopefully deflect and take attention away from the fact that Charlie needs to go and they won’t be winning again this season.

  10. Why does everyone care so much?? This happens in all sports. These guys have more money then they know what to do with. Its the equivilent of me buying someone a cheesteak for doing something nice for me. I don’t see how this makes him a douche.

  11. If there’s one guy that I want thinking he’s the most awesome human on Earth, I’m okay with it being my closer. Clearly, Papelbon has an overdeveloped sense of ego. I think, to a be a closer, you might have to. I’m willing to let him do all the weird things he wants to do…if he brings me the numbers. I’m sure Bastardo won’t mind giving up no. 58 if he gets to put a ring.

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