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In what world was this a good idea?! Like, how did that production meeting go? 
“Hey, I know… instead of sports, let’s just send the pretty new weather girl on a date with the single outfielder!"

“Brilliant! And if it doesn’t work out, we’ll have John Clark go with her so he can pick up the scraps! I like it.”

John Clark! JOHN CLARK! THAT’S who they sent with Sheena Parveen to Clearwater?! Have you ever seen John Clark's game? I have. It consists of picking up Jeff Carter’s leftovers at Braca’s in Sea Isle. Seriously. There are pilot fish with more shame than John Clark. So that’s not good. And then there’s that whole, you know, sending the pretty weather girl out to lunch with Hunter Pence thing. That thing. There’s no way this ends well.

Plus, what is it? Is it sports? Is it weather? I don’t even think Sheena knows. Listen as she weaves in and out and back again when she wraps the piece er, segment. Bumblebees would be envious of this sort of unpredictability. Poor Sheena.


Hop it for part 3 of the lunch date (mostly a mix of parts 1 and 2). Part 1 here. And next week on NBC, Jillian Mele gets a Brazilian with Max Talbot! Won't want to miss that.

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