Ricky Bottalico Wants to be Part of the Phillies Broadcast Crew, Says Ricky Bottalico’s Twitter


This gives all-new meaning to the Angry Bottalico.

Yesterday on Daily News Live, CSN announced that Gregg(ggggg) Murphy would join the Phillies as a field reporter. Sarge, who previously held that role, sort of, will stick to what he’s best at– sometimes when the pitch is a fastball, coming at a high velocity, the batter may want to swing more quickly, as well.

Anyway, Murphy joins the Phillies broadcast crew for all home and away games on CSN, Comcast Network, and MyPhl 17. But one person is not happy that he seemingly doesn’t fit into the Phillies' broadcast plans– Ricky Bottalico (@rickybottalico).

Here’s what Ricky Bo told a fan (or friend, since she's one of the few people that he tweets and follows, along with Paulina Gretzky…) last night on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 11.08.42 PMScreen Shot 2012-02-21 at 11.08.42 PM

Those aren’t great things for a TV person to say publicly. Bottalico quickly realized that:

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 11.24.09 PM

He has since removed the Tweets. 

Bottalico, who most of us enjoy, is still scheduled for his normal role on Phillies Postgame Live, according to CSN press releases as recent as yesterday. But, it seems, he wants more.

What says you?

H/T to Matt Rappa and his Baseball Talk: Philadelphia Facebook page for tipping us off to this


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    1. Well I don’t want Ricky to do anything of that nature.He is just a guy with a High opinion of his opinions.Or just talks and talks because ,he thinks that is what he is paid for.He should also think before he talks.4/29/15.He started to rag on Chase.Chase should be put in another slot to wake him and the whole team up.He asked for feedback and never shut up.I think he started in on Obama by the the end of his rant.Get a hobbie Rick.Coach Little Leagae.But not my grand-kids..Dennis New Jersey,the Garden State

  1. What says me???
    I watch Phillies post game live because Ricky B. will be on there giving us his opinion.
    That is all.

  2. Sometimes ricky’s pupils on postgame make me wonder if its snowing in july (or april, may, june, august, september, october…)

  3. The very fact that we are having a discussion about Ricky Bottalico in the broadcast booth makes me miss Harry more than ever.

  4. No one likes Sarge? Are you serious? Sarge, at times, is the most entertaining thing about the broadcasts. Wheeler sucks, McCarthy is improving… but is still tasked with following a legend, and the two guys who really SHOULD be on TV are stuck in the radio booth. Sarge is the only thing that keeps MANY people from turning the TV sound down and turning on the radio broadcast. Plus, w/o Sarge, there would be no “continued success,” “as well.” LOL!

  5. Ricky is the only reason I watch Postgame, and by that I mean any of them.
    Eagles Post Game is a cluster fuck, completely unwatchable. It consists of Barkan tossing soft balls to Eddie “Man Tits” Rendell, and then Ray Didinger who should have the show to himself.
    Flyers Post Game is a random CSN guy, with Al Morganti, who may or may not have a pulse, and the Ultimate Homer, Coatsy. Useless.
    I refuse to watch the Sixers.
    Botallico is the only one who brings a combination of knowing what he is talking about, with the fearlessness to call out a player when that player should be singled out. He is the best, hands down. Expand his role, its great for TV.

  6. no one like sarge? whaaaaaaat? he’s the only reason i still listen to the TV. innings 1-3 and 7-9 i try to listen to the radio but the timing is never right. i heard they were going to sync 94.1 to CSN’s broadcast (on Comcast cable) so i’ll be doing that.
    Wheels – needs to go
    T-Suck – needs to go
    Sarge – perfect the way he is (swag)
    LA + Scott F – need to be on TV
    Ricky Bo – put him on radio
    Scott Graham – bring him back and make him radio pbp

  7. The guy knows the game of baseball and can articulate his knowledge better than most of the TV/radio commentators. I would like him doing the TV broadcasting over Wheeler, MacCarthy, or Matthews.

  8. T Mac is so unbelievably bad. He annoys the shit out of me with his fake voice. And he never shuts the eff up during the game… it’s always non-stop banter. Go away T Tits

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