Ron Jaworski Out Of Monday Night Football Booth

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We’re not in the business as criticizing every. single. thing. ESPN. does., like some national sports blogs are, but this one is certainly perplexing.

Ron Jaworski has signed a five-year extension with the cable giant. That’s swell. Here’s the rub: he will no longer be on Monday Night Football. Instead, he will take on more in-studio roles. via an ESPN press release:

Ron Jaworski has signed a five-year extension with ESPN for a new, expanded multiplatform NFL analyst role that includes appearances on Sunday NFL CountdownMonday Night CountdownNFL Matchup, NFL-branded specials, Mike & Mike in the MorningPardon the Interruption, and other platforms and shows throughout the year. Also, ESPN’s Monday Night Football will have a new two-person commentator team for the first time during the 2012 NFL season with Mike Tirico and analyst Jon Gruden.


Um, good for Jaws. But how… why.. who thinks that the dry, I once grabbed a woman’s vagina outside a bar Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden, whose mouth marbles should be paid royalties by ESPN, make for a good national TV broadcast duo?

No, we don’t like this move. And yes, it is the slowest sports day of the year. Come on, pitchers and catchers!

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9 Responses

  1. Maybe Jaws is getting up in years and just can’t stay up that late. No matter, I’ll still watch MNF while listening to the radio feed.

  2. Between Gruden and Jaworski, there was entirely too much player ball washing going on. It was inevitable that one of them had to go, they were basically the same guy. Bring back Kornheiser.

  3. I hear Kornheiser left because Tirico grabbed his vagina, and Wilpon felt threatened.
    I would like to see Kenny Albert (because he looks like a vampire) along side Michael Irvin and Jimmy The Greek, just because it would not matter which two teams are playing the game, the commentary would carry the whole show.

  4. Gruden and Jaws definitely had chemistry. They would bounce off one another during the games while totally ignoring Tirico. I think you’ll see a very bored Gruden this season. Maybe want to return to coaching?

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