So Cal Native DeSean Jackson is Wearing a Washington Nationals Hat in His New Twitter Picture


The W is for Westside. Really, it is. He has the Washington Nationals logo tattooed on his arm.

For guidelines on why this is not appropriate, we'll refer you to this morning's post about Michael Schwimer asking if it was OK to like the New York Giants.


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  1. Kyle,
    Stop crying, you prep school bitch haha. Let your mom and dad pay for everything you’ve wanted, including your Villanova degree.

  2. The toolbag is only doing this to stay relevant. Ignore him and hopefully he fades away to AI-land..

  3. Joe you sound kind of like a jealous hater. Stay classy.
    Justquitnow- Exactly. Anyone who think D-Jax ISN’T doing this stuff on purpose needs their head examined. He’s as good as gone.
    I did some homework today. The following is a list of free agent WR’s that should hit the market that I’d rather have then DeSean Jackson:
    Steve Johnson
    Reggie Wayne
    Vincent Jackson-(this would be my choice)
    Eddie Royal
    Plaxico Buress- (he expressed interest again today)
    Wes Welker- (will get franchise tag, but is still possible if for some reason he doesn’t)
    See that free agent pool Me-Sean? Always the draft too. Peace out playa’.

  4. …lol, you can add the following to that list of WR’s…
    Dwayne Bowe
    Marques Colston
    Brandon Lloyd
    Robert Meachem
    Mario Manningham
    Laurent Robinson
    Jerome Simpson

  5. That’s a solid list of WR’s.
    How can we upgrade the guy who throws the ball to them?

  6. You’d honestly rather have Mario Manningham or a 34 year old Reggie Wayne over DeSean? I get that he’s a punk and brings back bad memories of T.O, but he’s much more dangerous and versatile than most of those guys on that list (not to mention younger). Most athletes are assholes anyway, they just don’t tout it like DeSean. Don’t fool yourself. This team is much more dangerous with Jackson on it.

  7. Its funny,no one had an issue with the hat and the tat when he was avg over 15yrds a catch and going to the pro-bowl. Now its an issue?? He’s an eagle not a phillie. We have the likes of pinkston and greg lewis we complain. Desean, who is a bit of a grandstander but for the most part was more productive then any of those guys put together, we still complain.Pick your battles people. Wide-outs by nature are ass-holes. Its the nature of the position.You try running down a field 15/20 times with no action or to block then finnaly get the rock, much less score, you would be a little excited to. For every Andre Johnson there are 15 Deseans. Deal with it and becareful what you wish for.

  8. Did it ever cross your mind that he doesn’t root for the Nationals and that he might be wearing it simply because he likes the hat? Lets not crucify someone because of the hat they’re wearing. I love the site but you’re way over analyzing DeSean Jackson wearing a Nationals hat.
    And about the lakers gear… who cares if he likes the lakers? He’s from California. If he wants to support his team, let him do it.
    Criticize him for his lack of production or poor attitude, not for his fashion or fan hood of his home town.

  9. @Matt – No it actually never occurred to any of us. Thank you sooo much for thanking the time out of your day to inform us of that. #Tool

  10. get off his nuts… he always wears that shit… the “w” stands for west coast. you people are the most bunch of critical unhappy folks i have ever seen.

  11. Dbag JACoff can make like a tree and get the hell outta here. We don’t need him here. Thanks for the punt return at the meadowlands in 2010, but other than that, he is more trouble than good.

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