Someone Was Trying to Sell a 2008 World Series Ring on eBay for $20,000

phillies world series ring

Someone needs money.

Last night, an eBay auction ended for the most peculiar of items: An A-style 2008 Phillies World Series ring.

What does A-style mean, you ask? It’s the exact ring given to players and front office folks, not the B-style ring handed out to the steerage employees. 

Translation: A fairly important front office member is hawking his apparently not-so-prized possession. Who?

Here’s the eBay listing

This is an AUTHENTIC 2008 Phillies World Series Championship Ring. It is an "A" style ring, meaning it is the exact same ring that was given to the players. Includes the wooden display box as well.

This specific ring belonged to a former Phillies front office employee. I did not included a photo of the one side of the ring to protect sellers identity (last name is on the side of the ring).

Ring size is approximately 10.5.

Ring Details:

-The ring is 14 karat white gold and contains 103 diamonds totaling 3.84 karats

-The 103 diamonds represent the 92 regular season and 11 postseason wins for the Phillies in 2008.

-The top of the ring is crowned with a ruby inlay and the Phillies signature "P". The "P" is inset with diamonds and sits upon a panel of pave set bright cut diamonds.The title "World Champions" is written along the rings top and bottom outer rim which is also bordered in diamonds.

-The left side of the ring features the team's name, Phillies, written in script across the front of the City of Philadelphia's most identifiable landmark, the Liberty Bell. The bell and clangor are inlaid with 11 diamonds, symbolic of the team's 11 wins in the 2008 postseason. The employees last name is written prominently above the bell. Crossed bats appear directly beneath the bell.

-Our championship year, 2008, stands out across the right top side of the ring. Two diamond baguettes have been placed within the zeros to signify the clubs two world championships. The World Series trophy rising out of Citizens Bank PArk signifies the tremendous support of our fans who cheered the team on throughout the entire 2008 regular season and postseason games. The 2008 World Series team logos and final score in games (4-1) are noted on either side of the trophy.

SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. Payment WILL be verified BEFORE shipping. Local pickup is also available AFTER payment has been received and verified.


Please contact me with any questions!!!


Yeah, I have a question: Who are you?! 

The bidding started at $19,999, and the listing included an unspecified reserve, which means that the item wouldn't have been sold unless a certain threshold was reached. There were no bids.

The seller – from New Castle, Delaware – refers to the ring recipient in the third-person, implying (or wanting us to believe) that they are not the former front office employee.

The price tag was high. But, then again, there are many people with stupid money who could afford such trinkets. If the ring does sell somewhere, this former employee is going to make out like a bandit. But who is it?

Selling a World Series ring has to be considered some sort of a violation, though I can’t blame someone for wanting – or needing – $20,000. Not all front office employees are paid in the millions or even hundreds of thousands, meaning that, to some, a ring’s sentimental value probably doesn’t equal 20 Gs. 

2008 Phillies World Series rings have an interesting history. A few years ago, Director of Publicity John Brazer had his ring stolen by a janitor after he left it in a Citizens Bank Park bathroom. And, just last year, Kyle Kendrick’s ring was stolen and later found in a swamp. Now there’s one for sale on eBay.


Time and reality continue to chip away at the fading memory of the 2008 World Fucking Championship.

UPDATE: Corrected the post: the auction ended last night, with no bids. Changed some of the tense from the original post.


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  1. Sorry… I only started paying attention to the Phillies during the Fucking Champ status-hype… Who’s Adam Eaton?

  2. Looks like it has been taken down. I looked up the seller’s past, and they’ve sold a bunch of random things. Maybe a pawn shop or something?

  3. I am trying to work in sports, and one day I dream of wearing a ring like that, but one that I earn not one I spend 20K on. I would never sell mine, because of the personal value, but I can understand if someone did.

  4. Mike Arbuckle? he left in pretty bitter fashion..
    Dallas Green is still with the organization but he lives in New Castle, Delaware where the auction was from so could be.

  5. being sold out of Delaware? i know a Phillies scout in DE, i wonder, do they get these style rings?

  6. If I had the money, I’d ONLY buy a Player’s ring….class “A”” don’t mean shit!!!
    I want “HAMELS” on mine!!!

  7. The Phanatic lives in Delaware between games.
    Now I’m picturing the Phanatic with a $5,000 a day meth habit, and I admit that’s pretty funny to me.

  8. Harry Kalas and Robin Roberts both received rings. One of theirs? Could be a high level executive who left the team.

  9. Geoff Jenkins retired 2 years ago from Brewers and was a part of that World Series Roster. Just speculating, but I think that it could be him

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