This is a Picture of Jimmy Rollins and Pat Burrell Dressed in Women’s Clothes


 via Jimmy Rollins on WhoSay

This is why it sucks that the Internet wasn’t a larger force during most of Pat Burrell’s career. This is the exact reason. Well, this and presumably the cell phone pics of Pat bending a cocktail waitress over a back bar that would have come out. 

Anyway, total victory here.

Last night, Jimmy Rollins tweeted this image from his and Burrell’s rookie dress up day (2010 and 2011 versions can be seen here and here, respectively). Is that a Desi Relaford sighting? I think it is. 

Burrell, not surprisingly, is rocking the cutoff shirt, a style that he sometimes wore under his uniform. It’s complemented by a grey skirt (with butterfly), a pearl-colored watch, and an I’m going to get so fucking freaky tonight stare. 

Jimmy, it seems, developed his swag pose at a young age.

No idea who the other three guys are, nor do I feel like looking it up, but I’m sure some of you can help in the comments.

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10 Responses

  1. That guy’s too tall to be Relaford, I think. You might be looking at Reggie Taylor. He had 5 tools. Unfortunately, none of them were baseball related.
    No clue who the white guy is, David Newhan?

  2. Is one of those guys Carlos Silva (between JRoll and Taylor?)… Also Brandon Duckworth, Johnny Estrada and Nick Punto could be part of this rookie picture if this is from 2001.

  3. Kyle,
    For Realsies, this would be epic. With Pat the Bat Retiring, he will need a job. He will most likely get into baseball broadcasting and I hope he does it here.
    This is what I am saying, reach out to his people and get him to do a weekly baseball column, that has nothing to do with baseball, but everything to do with his, ahem, conquests or other ridiculousness. It would be huge. He can even pose as a ghost writer in name.

  4. If pat the bat had a wig on id probably bend him over and raw dog him…leave a load in him…make him shit it out in the morning

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