This Slow-Mo Video of Brayden Schenn Getting Popped by Ilya Kovalchuk Sums Up The Afternoon

Despite kicking up a fuss in the third period – outshooting the Devils 24-1 – today was not the Flyers' day. This video, in which Ilya Kovalchuk lands a blind haymaker on Brayden Schenn, sums up the rest of the afternoon quite well. 

Keith Russell voice: Two weeks ago, it was Schenn's balls dropping. Today, he got dropped. Back to you, Jim.

Your full game highlights are over on the deuce.


2 Responses

  1. You gotta give it to Kovie right there. That was pretty awesome haha. It pretty much summed up the game.

  2. Why are a lot of Flyer fans saying Kovy picked on the young guy? Schenn stepped in for Rinaldo who slew footed Parise. Kovalchuk is not an enforcer but he’s not gonna let anyone do that to a player, especially the Captain. Kovalchuk obliged to Schenn’s offer, just did not go Schenn’s way. Kovalchuk has rocked a lot of guys or throw them around, most funny is Avery. Hope Schenn’s okay, and hope Kovy’s hand is okay.

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