Video: Jerry Sandusky Throwing His Dog Biscuits

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Earlier today, Jerry Sandusky told the media that he didn’t understand why neighbors, who had once been friends of his, turned on him and took issue with him sitting on his deck while children play at a nearby school. Now, one of those neighbors, it seems, sent video into NBC 10 which gives us an idea as to just how close Sandusky’s back deck is to the nearby school.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of the video. One on hand, it’s uncomfortable watching an accused child rapist do anything. On the other, Sandusky’s not breaking any laws in the video (he’s allowed on his deck), and he’s in no way checking out the children (at least not in this short clip). If anything, this video just gives us a sense of the proximity and sight lines Jerry has to a playground. And that makes us all ewy.

Also, I'm sure the Cleveland Browns are thrilled that Sandusky is wearing their logo.

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15 Responses

  1. There is no way thats a coincidence that his house is so close to a fucking school. Someone shoot him or cut off his fucking balls. I just want him dead.

  2. Pretty sure he was fingering the dogs butt at the end…seriously though this piece of shit needs to be thrown in max security prison or killed slowly

  3. The reason he’s wearing a Browns shirt is probably because his son Jon is Director of Player Personnel for the Cleveland Browns

  4. Never mind the goddamn shirt, it looks like he’s wearing glasses. Better to see those kids with? All the more reason to throw that slimeball down the nearest hole.

  5. I swear if I ever see him i’m going to drop him and then stand over him and yell “go to sleep”

  6. I want to throw shit at his house like Big John & Ronald did to that geeks house in can’t buy me love.

  7. Taking their feedback, knowledge etc and doing something with that information..whether that means promoting it so other members can benefit or making changes to how the community is run, features it includes, etc.

  8. i dont agree with him watching children…but he cant help the fact that a school is by his house (unless he did buy it for that reason) but you cant get mad at him for sitting on his deck. thats like saying a car thief cant sit on his porch and watch cars go by. crazy.

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