Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Flyers Fans at Daytona, Sheena Parveen, and More

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As always, this segment is sponsored by our friends from Drinker's Philadelphia, where you can get $1 hot dogs Flyers games. And really cheap drinks. Always.

Fucking Flyers fans– you’re everywhere.

1) Remember last week when NBC weather girl Sheena Parveen made the voyage back to her native Clearwater to go on an awkward lunch date with Hunter Pence where she asked him strange questions and he showed her that move which looked like The Shocker but was really The Matrix that could be opened up to become The Turkey? Breathe. Well, the trip was a booty call… of sorts.

She has a boyfriend in Tampa, according to Dan Gross. His name is Jamison Uhler, a former NBC 10 anchor and PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS SEXY SINGLE who used to date Kerri-Lee Halkett. Yeah, you hate this guy. And so, perhaps, does Hunter. 

2) has a gallery of all the goalie masks worn this year in the NHL. But they left out one of the three Bryz has worn. This one.

3) An arrest warrant was issued for Michael Vick’s brother, Marcus, today. He failed to show up for a court appearance for one reason or another. We really don’t care.

4) The very entitled David Murphy (Phillies beat writer), who doesn’t realize that the last person on earth you want to rip is someone with a following and no eddetour, told me today that I was like “an after school special on logical fallacy.” Guess he couldn’t fit those sorts of heady phrases into his 2,000 word prose on how the Phillies’ fastest player should use his speed more often.

5) This:

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6) Ryan Howard, who already shortened his Twitter handle by dropping the 6, is currently following two females on Twitter: His fianceé, Krystle Campbell, and Kim Kardashian. That is all.


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  1. So basically the 6 pack has changed to be like any other post except that you keep a special name so it you could continue to receive blow jobs from Drinkers…

  2. Instead of being dicks, how about trying to be respectful? (I know, I know, it’s the internet)
    Kyle, the old six pack was one of the best features of your site. I understand you can no longer use that specific format, but please find something that allows reader input into the six pack. That’s what made it so fun and popular. This might as well be a Monday morning roundup or Morning Wood post. Find something somewhat similar to the old style or that allows user input into the post, please and thank you.

  3. Good God Kyle… get over yourself. Your blog is turning into shit. I used to read it everyday, but you’ve become an asshole of sorts lately. Grow up.

  4. My dad emailed David Murphy and called him a bag of dicks the other day after he called John Mayberry trash on DNL. He responded in about 2 minutes and basically said “I know.” He’s pathetic and he knows it.

  5. The LAST person he wants to rip is someone with a “following”?? Is “following” really the right word choice here? Jim Jones had a following, not sure you’re on that level. Don’t flatter yourself brotha. Also I could think of a few other people who he shouldn’t rip before yourself. (Note: that last sentence was a severe understatement, there are 100’s)

  6. Is it ? I bet some people who used to check in daily at have stopped completely and just come here. I’m one of them. And D. Murphy just has a face you want to punch. Its his fault for being born with it.

  7. David Murphy is a tool. I used to like his articles when he first started writing for the DN but now its nothing but a huge monologue featuring lets see how many times I can hit the thesaurus and sound smarter than you. Just write the damn article and knock off the douchebaggery.

  8. David Murphy writes for a newpaper, and is supposed to sound smart… Kyle writes for a blog – that used to be funny, and lately sounds like it’s a Gossip Column… PHILLY TMZ. Stick to being funny – stop trying to pick fights with the other writers in Philadelphia to make yourself seem cool on a blog that used to be cool

  9. David Murphy is such a tool. @HighestCheese > @HighCheese because it makes fun of how much of a douche he is. By continually opening his mouth like he’s better than everyone he’s given Gonzo the win in that rivalry.

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