Did Shane Victorino Wish Justin Bieber a Happy Birthday Today?


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  1. why do people care about this kid? victorino should be embarrassed. it’s like he was counting down the days to bieber’s playgirl shoot.

  2. What a surprise, another post that’s just a screenshot of Twitter. Awesome content, keep up the good work Kyle.

  3. shane should get biebs to throw out the 1st pitch at an upcoming phils game this year

  4. Why did Mike Richards’ name have to make this article (post)?
    Because he and Shane both hate this website?

  5. because if you clicked the link you would see that mike richards has been known to tweet justin bieber.

  6. Kyle, you don’t need to explain yourself to these MORONS!!! If you’re scared, get a dog!!!
    They are nothing but DOPES!!!!
    Freaking NITWITS!!!!

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