Evan Turner Went to Visit His Hot Bartender Girlfriend After Last Night’s Loss

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Meep meep meep!

Email from reader Tuan

So I went on a secret date with my sister [editor's note: que?] last night at a bar in Center City, and low and behold, Mr. Beaker walks in with a bunch of white folks. I hadn't checked out the Sixers game score, but this was around 11 PM, about an hour after game ended, so I figured they had won and ET had himself a nice game off the bench.  I was gonna buy him a Fuzzy Navel shot, but realized they had lost and that he scored zero points, so I left the man alone.  I then notice that him talking to the bartendress for a really long ass time.  I thought, "OK playa, the Night Shift in action…"  Then I remembered your Evan Turner pictorial yesterday, and was like "wait a minute.”  Upon further inspection, realized this was the same "busty-kissy face-I don't know if she's white or black-but she hot" chick he's been with.  Anyways, here's pics of me, ET, and my sis for our asian photo-op.  Oh and his gf's name really must be @chelscbella or something – receipt for proof.



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I love you, readers. Bonus points for adding to the recent wave of Philly athletes posing with Asians– Evan Turner again, Shane Victorino here, Scott Hartnell here. Glad to see CB is strong with the young, bargoing Asian demo.

The bar was Sampan.

Meep meep meep!



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  1. what bar was this at?
    if that sexy bartender is looking for a new baller, i also scored zero points in last nights sixers game…

  2. Kyle should pay for all of his readers to have a happy hour at Sampan, then we can all beat the $hit out of Chirp, JT, Iron Balls, Amy, and all the other pu$$ies that make dumb comments on here. Then, I’ll bang the duck billed platypus, better known as Evan Turner’s girlfriend. Who’s in?

  3. I would just like to applaud everyone who contributed to kicking iron balls, chirps, jt & that dike Amy from commenting on this site!
    -also Evan Turner looks like Roger from what’s happening

  4. @ Betty
    Saying I hate Asians would have been racist you dumb fuck. Now go finish the laundry.

  5. Tuan, when you’re done taking your sister out on secret dates let me know, I’d love to take her out on a real one.

  6. Why is that zipperhead twat squeezing her tit while simultaneously punching herself in the face and dating her brother? I want to spend chinese new year with these crazy motherfuckers.

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