Everything You Need to Know About Xfinity Live!

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Photo: Xfinity Live! Facebook page

Xfinity Live! has been opened up for several previews this past week, but the dining and entertainment district officially opens to the public tomorrow, when Third Eye Blind (…) will perform.

We’ll have a full review on Monday. This winter, though, I got two previews of the joint. Both include just about every detail you want to know: What’s in there? How big is the TV? How much is parking? What are the food options? What are the hours?

Some additional details have been added, but for the most part this is everything you need to know about Xfinity Live!

Everything You Want to Know About Xfinity Live! Philadelphia

A Video Tour of (an uncompleted) Xfinity Live!

This is What The Victory Beer Hall Will Look Like

Some Video Tours of the Individual Venues at Xfinity Live!

Xfinity Live! has a full list of specials and times on their website, too.


14 Responses

  1. Xfinity Live seems like another place that will rob people without a gun and overcharge for everything. It looks like a colossal waste of money and time. Looks like a flower show with a couple of bars. Watch the young dumb-asses flock to spend too much money, get into fights, and get back onto I-95 and be charged with a DUI.

  2. f*cking Jose, I was just about to post, I hope to maybe get my d*** sucked when I go there

  3. less traffic at mcfaddens = bonus…
    yes, xfinity live will have cheaper beers…
    Ill continue sneaking in beers to phils games.

  4. I can’t wait to hit that pabst blue ribbon bar up!!! Should be jumping with slamming p*ssy

  5. Yo, Nuumb Nuts Kenny, it does not stand for Pabst. Its Professional Bull Riders….

  6. I was there yesterday with my mom for the bruce springsteen concert. It is so nice there and it quite honestly is not that overpriced. With that being said it isn’t the cheapest place ever, but you get your money’s worth. I suggest everyone go there at some point!

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