Former Phillie Greg Dobbs Concerned Over Marlins’ Vagina-Like Home Run Fountain

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We’ve covered – in some detail – the home run fountain at the Marlins’ new ballpark in Miami. I think it looks like Kristin Davis’ hideous vagina (NSFW!!!). Most of you disagree.

Anyway, tonight the Marlins will play their first game in the new park, against the University of Miami, and some players have expressed concerns over the colorful folds and flaps and spinning-fucking-marlins contained in the sculpture. One of those worry warts is former Phillie Greg Dobbs: [CBS Miami

“If it is an issue, it can no longer be there. I won’t be the only left-handed hitter saying something. If other teams have a problem with it, they’re definitely going to voice their concern to the league.”


What’s the old adage? Fishy, vagina-like structures don’t mess with Greg Dobbs’ batters’ eye?

 Something like that.

Anyway, Marlins officials tell CBS 4 that it won’t be an issue– the sculpture will be only activated following select stimuli, like a Marlins home run… or a gentle rub. 


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  1. What kind of vagina have you been looking at? Maybe a Chimpanzee or a Klingon female? Dude..

  2. Your girlfriend must be a mess down there if you still think this looks like a vag. Dobbs is right though, and I’ll bet it’s gone/moved by May.

  3. you know i can actually see it except for the colors obviously…and now this pic is a lot more disturbing

  4. I will never look at roast beef the same with that nasty gash burned into my memory. Fix that shit woman.

  5. Dobbs is a douche, he used the same batters-eye excuse to explain his horrible performance in the 2008 World Series.
    And the only way that thing reminds me of a vag, is if you told me it was the Luchador version of a gash.

  6. hahaha throw a heads up NSFW. fuckin cant have this shit poppin up.. i thought it was gonna be a joke cuz its from google images. i gotta be more smarted than that i guess

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