Freddie Mitchell responded to an indictment against him in a tax fraud case. Here’s what he told Howard Eskin (@HowardEskin), as tweeted by Eskin: [edited for readability]

Fred Mitchell told me he gave info on other two guys to feds and"they double crossed him.” People from IRS told Mitchell to amend taxes and [be] OK. Mitchell in process of getting attorney before he turns himself in. Never met two guys that were arrested and connected from friend in LA. Fred Mitchell talked to IRS agents two years ago and not since. Mitchell was told by agents "you will be fine” and even let them bug his phone to help. Fred Mitchell also told me Milwaukee Bucks Drew Gooden one of players scammed in tax fraud and called IRS. According to Mitchell, claims innocence but charged Mitchell because he introduced players to arrested guys, and FM feels he got scammed. And Mitchell telling me "got 50,000 from Drew Gooden thinking it was legit" and found out later "he got scammed," told that to IRS agents. Mitchell told me he will turn himself in next couple days. Waiting for his attorney to set it all up. Believes he will prove innocence.


Why do I not believe everything FredEX says?

His defense, it seems, is that he merely referred athletes to other defendants. Unfortunately for FredEX, a company managed solely by him, Chameleon Enterprises LLC, appears to be the umbrella organization under which the tax fraud scheme operated.

[Read the full indictment here]