Here’s the Official “On My Dip” Video Featuring DeSean Jackson and Lou Williams


Last week, we showed you the promo video of this hit song, and now we have the official release.

Apparently, it will be continued with Lou Williams? Huh? Can't wait!

iPad/iPhone friendly YouTube video is after the jump.


H/T Where's Weems

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26 Responses

  1. I have no idea what they are saying, but this song has the most philly references since mowtownphilly so Im in.

  2. It’s amusing how all these freak-of-nature athletes (Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Desean Jackson) wear thick black-rimmed Malcolm X glasses as part of the new fashion statement. As if God blessed them with every essential survival skill in nature except for eyesight.

  3. Religion Records, lol.
    Fuck this formulaic pop rap shit where all they do is create a song around a shitty, “catchy” hook (for dumb people) and a generic beat. No wonder people think all hip hop is garbage.

  4. Kyle…..
    REMEMBER- If a player is from Philly and he wears other team’s shit (ie: Kobe wearing Dodgers gear), he’s an asshole.
    If a player from another city is playing here and wearing his hometown gear (ie: Deseasn wearing Dodgers gear), he’s an asshole.
    Got it?
    That’s the Philly RULES… you see why athletes and National outlets hate us?

  5. Ok. Maybe Desean has been wanting a raise that whole time so he could get pretty bitches for his videos?
    I don’t blame him, look at these fucking Dogs in this!!!

  6. I can’t wait for Desean to be the next Iverson/TO…..its all the same stupid shit… and that song is terrible

  7. At least he almost got it right this time with the Phillies hat on for 2 seconds, maybe next time around he will rep a little more.
    He also needs new groupies, $9.5 million should be able to afford some better looking girls.

  8. “lou is like that dorky kid that is just tryna fit in with his kind”
    Aaaaaand Gloucester City makes an appearance. We’ve been waiting for you.

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