Hunter Pence is Unaware of Wawa, a Mini Morning Carts, and #ischaseutleyinthelineuptoday?

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Good morning. In the absence of any local sports last night (the Union lost to the Portland Timbers, 3-1), here are a few bits of tid concerning things that either aren’t present or can’t be seen.

– David Hale’s morning Phillies jammy jam over at the Wilmington News Journal’s website always makes for an entertaining read. Today we learned, among other things, that Hunter Pence will not be eating at Wawa any time soon: 

Hunter Pence makes his triumphant spring return to Kissimmee. I’m sure he’s had this date circled on his calendar.

Apparently they’re building a Wawa in Kissimmee near the Astros ballpark. This is very exciting news. I mentioned it to Pence yesterday, and he didn’t know what Wawa was. A small part of me died.


Shame. He seemed like the perfect candidate to be hanging out of Hoagieman’s blimp while chomping on a foot-long wrapped in Liscio’s bread (that’s synergy right there– this is why the pay me the big bucks). 

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Pic via Mike Richards on WhoSay

– Meanwhile, in the City of Angels and former Flyers, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter sat courtside at the Clippers-Celtics game last night. Unfortunately, nobody recognized them: 

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 9.22.47 AM
Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 9.22.47 AM

How is brotastic duo to get laid if they are unrecognizable?!? So much for LA being a hockey town.

– Finally, #ischaseutleyinthelineuptoday? NO

I remember back in 2010 when Mike Missanelli said it might be a good idea to trade Utley, since he was beginning to wear down. Most Phillies fans, myself included, scoffed at the notion… but maybe Mikey Miss was on to something.


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  1. The only thing Missanelli will be “on to” is a new job after he predictably melts down and eventually pisses management off.
    I give that man no credit for anything.

  2. So… I suppose you’re back to soccer not being worth covering? Or is it just worth covering when the U wins? Pick a stance and stick with it… You’ll gain a bit more credibility that way. Either cover at least the team, if not the sport, completely, or don’t cover it at all man.

  3. I’m glad people are starting to truthfully acknowledge the whole situation with Utley. I love the guy but if it was any other player (Jimmy perhaps) who was in the position he’s been in for the past few years healthwise, people would be screaming left and right for him to be traded. I don’t know why people are so scared to admit that Utley has been in a steep decline and is never coming back.

  4. Can we get off Richards and Carter’s dicks for like a week maybe? It’s pathetic. They were Flyers for some time, now they’re not, get over it. They were a part of the team that brought the Flyers within 1 game of the Cup and that’s more than Lindros, Leclair or any other Flyer that’s revered in this city ever did since the 80’s. There is still a hockey team in Philly – talk about it from time to time.

  5. man the two guys bitching about soccer must be huge pussies. i mean first they actually like soccer and second they care enough to bitch about it not being covered consistently. and they wonder why people dont like soccer…

  6. Meh! Wayne Gretzky could’ve been courtside and no one would’ve recognized him. Hockey is as out of place in Los Angeles as air conditioning at the North Pole.

  7. you were an absolute idiot if you wanted to trade utley in 2010. even last year with only playing barely over 100 games he was in the top 10 for offensive second baseman. not to mention his leadership and locker room presence. i wouldn’t even move him this year, he’s fine, they’re being overly cautious. didn’t you hear his press conference when he said, “you’re not gonna see me for awhile so don’t panic.” this is something he’s gotta monitor the rest of his career. that way he’ll have some leg strength left when it comes to game 5 of the nlds this year and he won’t just have warning track power.

  8. He was in the Top 10 second basemen because the position talent drops off sharply. Thats like being the best shit stain cleaner. Not sure we should write him just yet, but i’m just saying…
    and oh yeah, soccer still blows..

  9. that’s my point justquitnow. he was hurt and sucked (by his standards) and was still in top 10. who are you gonna trade him for and it’ll be viewed as an upgrade?

  10. 2toeTommy
    Thank you!!!
    Carter and Richards get trashed on this site, but when they were here, the blogger loved them.
    If it’s not Carter and Richards (or his dad with a beer in his hand), Babin will be the new whipping boy for them…
    And if you are really a Philadelphian, you should never get real rolls confused with Wawa rolls.

  11. Randy Miller- why are you trollin’ this site? You post in every article how much you hate CB, Kyle, et. al. And yet you keep reading. Someone not give you enough attention when you were a kid? Sheesh. Time to grow up and find someplace else to get your Philly sports info… go hit up CSNPhilly or ESPN for the corporate buttoned-up take you seem to desire.

  12. like all things, i’ll cover soccer when something noteworthy happens. the union losing the first game of their season in portland doesn’t qualify… and this is coming from someone who enjoys soccer

  13. I’ve been down in the Clearwater area for about 10 days now and I’ve seen Utley take both batting and fielding practice quite often. Obviously I’m no expert, but he seems perfectly fine out there, no range or motion issues that I can see. My guess is that since his knee injury from last year is one that he’s never goin to fully “recover” from that they’re just not taking any chances with him…then again, he could just be really good at hiding it.

  14. My guess is that since his knee injury from last year is one that he’s never goin to fully “recover” from that they’re just not taking any chances with him…then again, he could just be really good at hiding it.

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