Mike Richards was on a Reality Show Last Night and Said He Didn’t Like all the Attention in Philly

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He's still not good at the whole hat thing in Los Angeles

I received more Tweets, texts, tips and emails about this appearance than I did about Shane Victorino being on Hawaii Five-O. So, if you are going to be one of the jackasses who comments with something like “go F yourself blogger Richards is gone get over it I don’t use commas,” don’t bother– just giving the people what they want, and in this case, it's for me to make fun of Mike Richards. Onward.

El Capitan One Eight The guy Homer killed was featured on NHL 36 last night. The show, which airs on the NBC Sports we’re owned by Comcast watch Rock Center Mondays at 10! (!!!) network, follows around one player for 36 hours leading up to a game by doing its best 24/7 imitation.

As you might expect, Richards seems to fit in quite nicely on the left coast. He has a modern apartment just off Manhattan Beach, where he walks his dog, Arnold. He drives a Range Rover, and, interestingly, enjoys the anonymity of Hollywood.

As he explained it:

"You have A-list celebrities, and then hockey player would be… D-to-F list. In Philly, I had trouble going to a Phillies game without being recognized, which was maybe a little bit much. It’s different here, you’re not the Big Dog in town, which is nice. 

What people don’t understand is how much L.A. is a hockey city and like the Kings just as much as Philly would like the Flyers.” 


Yeah, OK. 

Judging by those comments, I’m guessing he didn’t love our stalking posts about his exploits and hats. Sorry, Mike. 

The anonymity which he described is perhaps best exemplified by the following clip, which shows Richards walking into a radio station – where he was the big scheduled guest for the day – and not being recognized by the bashful, cutesy and perhaps pudgy receptionist. His response? "That wouldn't happen in Philly."

Of course, we can make fun of him and his new city all we want, but the second half of the show featured Richards fighting (convenient time to have his third fight of the season) – and beating – Martin Hanzal, who has about six inches and 25 lbs. on our former captain. Somewhere, all-star CB reader Ashley is sobbing.

Video after the jump.


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  1. Soon he will have his boy Carter there with him and then he share his ice cream w/ Carter instead of w/ his dog.

  2. No Michael, that wouldn’t have happened in Philly.
    I still miss you though 🙁
    Cute dog.

  3. While Richards has played in every city, he hasn’t watched a game from the press box in every city, therefor there is no way that Richards could know if this would have happened in Philly or any other cities for that matter.

  4. Ohhhh stop it already dude. We all know your upset your not here anymore. Just ask Simmonds what he thinks about the two cities. LA is no where near a hockey town like Philly. You lived off the attention too.

  5. “That wouldn’t happen in Philly” and “LA is a hockey city like Philly” are complete opposite statements. If LA was a hockey city it would happen in LA too.

  6. “So, if you are going to be one of the jackasses who comments with something like “go F yourself blogger Richards is gone get over it I don’t use commas,” don’t bother– just giving the people what they want”
    You mean the people who frequent your site and allow you to live a life where you get to be a sports blogger for a living? Your right those people are jackasses.

  7. As someone who lives in LA, I can definitely say that NO ONE likes the Kings that much. Sure there are your typical die hard hockey fans, but LA belongs to the Lakers.

  8. Richards seems like the one that has to get over it, “that wouldn’t happen in Philly,” clearly he is used to being treated like a known star and enjoys/expects to be treated as such. I’m sure his girls have diminished in either number or in quality, since he is no longer recognized as such a star…reallly think he likes being less recognized? sureeeeeee Michael.

  9. So now you’re going to proactively whine about negative comments that you didn’t even receive yet? Good move, that always goes over so well in this town. I mean, it worked great when the Eagles cried about people booing them this year, right?

  10. Brian & Deezy,
    Are you really Randy Miller? Shouldn’t you be doing a 24 hour twitter marathon or something?

  11. And this is NOT what the people want in Philly, they want me….YOU LOSER!!! Step up your Twitter game too!! I now have more followers than you do, so now!!!

  12. Richards has 31 pts….Simmonds has 39 pts, oh and we got Schenn (11pts) who is starting to pick it up….Fuck Mike Richards, fucking whines like a little bitch

  13. So he couldn’t hack in it Philly and we got rid of him… any chance Bryz follows the same pattern?
    GOD I hope so.

  14. The comments calling out Kyle for preemptively putting down their negative comments about Richards being gone only call Kyle out because they know they can’t say exactly what Kyle said they were going to.

  15. I love the people who suck kyle’s dick like you know him and he is a friend of yours. Ha ha, losers.

  16. @soul, actually my name is Brian, hence the name posted, I don’t hide behind fake names like you. I actually like kyle myself and love this site, but I don’t understand why sometimes he rips people who read his site and help keep it alive when they critcize him sometimes. I know it isn’t on the same level, but isn’t that the exact same thing he rips Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis for when the insult Eagles fans who boo? By the way he is a big boy who can defend himself, but I’m sure he loves that “Soul” has his back

  17. Not sure why the negativity towards Richards. Dude was a beast here, left it all out on the ice and led with his play. So what if he didn’t get along great with the media in Philly. Would you? I wouldn’t. The Philly hockey writers are always looking to create controversy on non-game days. Always. Mike Richards was a young millionaire athlete in a great hockey city. Wouldn’t you have enjoyed every bit of it you could too? I would have. Mike Richards was one of the best 2-way centers EVER to put on a Flyers jersey. There’s no debating that at all. Seems like a nice guy off the ice too. Just didn’t do a lot of public talking, but so what? I find that refreshing in a pro athlete. Nice change. He wasn’t blasting anybody all the time, wasn’t thanking Jesus or his mama, wasn’t talking smack, nothing. Just shut his mouth and played his heart out almost every single night. Seems to be a lot less of an ahole than the current Captain Cocky, that’s for sure. I don’t get that sense from Richards. Even here when the girl at the desk had no idea who he was, he just smiled and politely introduced himself. Didn’t get cocky, didn’t make any nasty remarks, just smiled and acted like a gentleman. He just always seemed to be a class act who simply enjoyed the things any rich 20-something guy would enjoy, and kept his nastiness on the ice. Good luck Richards, no matter what anyone says, you are respected and missed. Of course, I’d still do the trade that sent him to LA too 🙂

  18. LA actually does have pretty solid hockey fans. If you have ever been to a game @ the Staples Center (and I have been to many), you will attest to that.
    But the city as a whole does not follow them. There is no crushing publicity/media out in public.
    Sounds like a great fit for Richards.

  19. @MM- I’m not hating on Mike Richards.
    I’m just celebrating his lifestyle. Nothing beats a good meal

  20. whoever wrote this should just stick to watching the phillies cause he clearly knows nothing about hockey, mike richards played his fucking heart out here and had us within two games of a stanley cup(the closest we’ve been in a long fucking time) The flyers orginization paniced afetr one down year and dumped the best leader theyve probably ever had. Lets look at where are current captain is, sitting on his couch not attending games or helping his teamates, pretty much being a selfish fuck like always. if that was richie he’d be at the rink everyday to support his team. Richie is a rare kind of player, he grinds the fuck out of guys, is great defensivley, fights, hits, and is an offensive power. the flyers dont have anyone like that on the roster and from watching games this year where we look like pussies against teams like the rangers and bruins its embarrassing. Richie was a true flyers player.

  21. Brian,
    Yes, you are correct. Posting under the name “Brian” is waaaay less anonymous than posting under the name “Soul.” I mean, seriously, what are the chances that there is actually another Brian out there? I’d say the chances are pretty slim, right?

  22. @KJ – was not implying that dude, just an observation about the wonders of coke and easy pussy and any meal.

  23. For someone who got tired of always being noticed, he sure went out an awful lot and used his name to get noticed.
    I found myself almost liking him while watching that and then the girl at the radio station didn’t know who he was and I just laughed and laughed and laughed.

  24. I’m with Flyersfan91 on this one. Richie was my favorite Flyer since Brind’Amour. And Richies dive to get the puck, only to topple over the goalie, get up and put it in the net was also the greatest fucking goal I’ve ever seen.

  25. lol @ all the people who go on about what a hard worker he was on the ice, etc.
    since when does giving 25% considered “giving it his all”? is that what’s acceptable these days?
    when richards says “It’s different here, you’re not the Big Dog in town, which is nice.”, he means that he can get away being his same old mediocre self and no one will give a crap. he’s not our problem anymore and i’m loving every second of it.

  26. @Flyersfan91 – You are off-base with your comparison of Richards and Pronger. Pronger is “sitting on his couch, not attending games” because he has post-concussion symptoms. Listen to every interview by his wife right now and it is a scary situation for he and his family right now.
    Richards NEVER had that magnitude of an injury so to say that he would have been different is something you, nor anyone, could ever say.
    Please be a bit more educated before you go spouting off hate towards the current man wearing the “C” for the Flyers.

  27. @Flyersfan91 Yeah he was my favorite Flyer until he phoned it in against the Bruins last year. Simmonds would never do that, and also would never forsake his coach like Richards and Carter did. Now both Richards and Carter’s careers are practically done without the Flyers. Karma, how does that work?

  28. I’m a die-hard Flyers fan living here in LA, and don’t really understand the Richards hate either. His comments seemed pretty normal to me. He’s from rural Ontario, so Philly was pretty intense for him. It didn’t affect his play, he was one of the best. He isn’t the first guy to be great but not a real “C”. Some guys are just better at playing (like Patrick Marleau is a classic example). The Kings fans themselves are pretty die-hard, but they get lost in the Laker/USC Trojan love and Hollywood itself. Everything here is more laid back anyway, so it probably is great for him. In the end, the Flyers got a great return for the trade, so it’s time to let it go. If the hate should be anywhere, it should be on Carter, and honestly, that would just be petty, since he’s probably miserable in Columbus already. I’ll always be a fan of #18 in the Orange and Black.

  29. Awe, we’re sorry we were such passionate fans in Philly, Mikey. Sorry we cared so much about our team that you were recognized everywhere you went. Especially since you were the CAPTAIN! Sorry it’s such a part of our culture.
    But uh, NO, L.A. does NOT love the Kings as much as we love the Flyers. Good news though – that receptionist didn’t know who you were (just like you like it) – so there’s still time to tag that before she finds out about your reputation.
    Oh, and Simmonds says hi. You know, 1 of the guys we traded you for. The guy who has more points than you do this year.
    Maybe you can get in some more surfing lessons if the Kings miss the playoffs. Enjoy your anonymity Mikey.

  30. @MM- nothing beats a capping off a good meal after a night of boozing. maybe wake up in the middle of the night dehydrated (from the fries you ate)& just sip on the water down soda.

  31. By virtue of the fact that he had to say what he said proves that LA is not a hockey town. I’ve spent a lot of time in LA. All they care about is the Dodgers, the Lakers, and USC. Even given those choices, the Dodgers seem to be falling off because of how mismanaged they have been. From what I recall, I met maybe 1 hockey fan while there for much of last year.

  32. now if the Kings fans actually gave a shit about hockey that would be a different story Richie… you wouldn’t be saying dumb shit like that… because you would talk about your current and not the better, more fun team, that you envy and still wish you were on. somehow you were named captain. thank god simmonds is better than you straight up. oh and we got schenn as well. have fun playing in a city that only cares about basketball and plastic surgery.

  33. @jharkins1216 THAT WAS EXACTLY MY THOUGHT!!!!! if LA is a hockey town as you say, you would get recognizd. maybe not on the ryan gosling level of being recognized, but people would know who you are. that being said i still miss him though.. butttt simmer and baby schenn make it easy to forget … but i’ll always love my richie

  34. The Flyers miss Richard’s grit, leadership& determination on the ice. The trade is still terrible in my eyes

  35. Richie just wants to kick some ass and eat some pussy!!!
    What’s wrong with that?

  36. I love how Philly fans think their love for hockey is more profound than other hockey fans. Hilarious. There might be fewer hockey fans in LA, but a hockey fan is usually a hockey fan. Get over yourselves, you’re not special.

  37. @Brian, you sound pretty salty bud… in fact, you’re whining more than Richards did in that show. Get over it man, he doesn’t play here anymore, why do you care about a couple comments that he made on a dumb TV show. “Mike Richards didn’t like being recognized in Philly, how dare he blaspheme my city like that?! I’m going to rip him on a blog website that he’ll never read, I’ll show him!” Very lame dude.
    The guy was a very good player while he was here, why can’t we leave it at that. Sure the guy had some questionable traits: he didn’t get along with the media very well (or his coaches & mgmt for that matter), he’s boys with Jeff Carter and liked to party in the city, he was not the greatest captain to wear the C on his chest. I have no particular warm spot for Richards in my heart, but wow, people act like he took a dump on the Liberty Bell or something. He makes a few statements and everyone crucifies him. As soon as someone says something that isn’t construed as positive about the Flyers or Philadelphia, that person is Public Enemy #1. Who cares?! He plays for an insignificant team that can’t score goals and isn’t going anywhere and we don’t have to deal with him, stop crying already.
    Lastly, anyone who thinks the Richards trade was bad, that’s cool you’re entitled to your own opinion. My opinion is that it was a good one, and I’ll take Simmonds and Schenn over Richards all day. @Amy, I’m not sure what you mean by Richards’ leadership on the ice, the guy made it public that he didn’t even want to be the captain. As far as I’m concerned Richards was good, but 3/4 into 1 season, Simmonds plays with just as much grit and determination as Richards, and so far his numbers are better.

  38. Still a Richards fan.. always will be. I also love that the LA Kings are Flyers West.. John Stevens, Simon Gagne, Richie, Carter… They’ll pry win a cup before us.

  39. I finally watched this yesterday. Came to the conclusion that Richie is a sheer pussy off the ice:
    Some evidence:
    — Went out with teammates for a sushi dinner, not burgers and beers.
    — Kept his dog in the car the whole time — from radio station to restaurant. Would PETA approve?
    — Scored zero goals in game featured in show (his whole team, actually).
    — Can’t move past Philadelphia. Still has to make negative comments about Flyer fans.
    — Relies on a BS motto (if what you’re doing isn’t working, you’re not working hard enough).
    Can’t stand the guy now. Hope Kings miss playoffs.

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