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He's still not good at the whole hat thing in Los Angeles

I received more Tweets, texts, tips and emails about this appearance than I did about Shane Victorino being on Hawaii Five-O. So, if you are going to be one of the jackasses who comments with something like “go F yourself blogger Richards is gone get over it I don’t use commas,” don’t bother– just giving the people what they want, and in this case, it's for me to make fun of Mike Richards. Onward.

El Capitan One Eight The guy Homer killed was featured on NHL 36 last night. The show, which airs on the NBC Sports we’re owned by Comcast watch Rock Center Mondays at 10! (!!!) network, follows around one player for 36 hours leading up to a game by doing its best 24/7 imitation.

As you might expect, Richards seems to fit in quite nicely on the left coast. He has a modern apartment just off Manhattan Beach, where he walks his dog, Arnold. He drives a Range Rover, and, interestingly, enjoys the anonymity of Hollywood.

As he explained it:

"You have A-list celebrities, and then hockey player would be… D-to-F list. In Philly, I had trouble going to a Phillies game without being recognized, which was maybe a little bit much. It’s different here, you’re not the Big Dog in town, which is nice. 

What people don’t understand is how much L.A. is a hockey city and like the Kings just as much as Philly would like the Flyers.” 


Yeah, OK. 

Judging by those comments, I’m guessing he didn’t love our stalking posts about his exploits and hats. Sorry, Mike. 

The anonymity which he described is perhaps best exemplified by the following clip, which shows Richards walking into a radio station – where he was the big scheduled guest for the day – and not being recognized by the bashful, cutesy and perhaps pudgy receptionist. His response? "That wouldn't happen in Philly."

Of course, we can make fun of him and his new city all we want, but the second half of the show featured Richards fighting (convenient time to have his third fight of the season) – and beating – Martin Hanzal, who has about six inches and 25 lbs. on our former captain. Somewhere, all-star CB reader Ashley is sobbing.

Video after the jump.