Ilya Bryzgalov and Bernie Parent Engage in Jovial Discourse with John Clark, Joke About Drinking Vodka Before Games

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Bernie: Look at him– he's like a big bear. You just want to hug him.

Bryz: Teddy bear.


Bernie Parent and Ilya Bryzgalov were with our fine sponsors, BC Sports, in the Manoa Shopping Center yesterday, and, of course, NBC 10’s resident stalker John Clark (I say that admiringly) was there to speak with the legend and our wacky-turned-best-player-in-the-NHL Russian goalie. 

For the first time in a while, we get to see Bryz not in his here to destroy you trance, which is nice. He even jokes about the pressure on him and taking three shots of vodka before every game. It’s hard to tell if he was talking about Bernie taking shots (because that would be 100% believable) or himself (which I’m 99.9% would be a joke, because Bryz says doesn’t drink). A (large) part of me wants to envision Bryz sitting in a room, perhaps nude, smoking cigarettes and sipping the nectar of his homeland before every contest in front of silly Americans. But I doubt that’s the case, unfortunately.

Delightful wacky goalie exchange video after the jump.

video via NBC 10


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  1. I love how all you people are suckin Bryz off now
    Curious to see how the media treats him if he stinks in the playoffs. WORST MEDIA IN AMERICA
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  2. I love how she shuns the media game after game and gives them nothing. Completey agree with the comment above. If a player is playing well, he’s loved, if he’s struggling, ppl (the media) want to rip his head off, esp in a game like hockey in a town where the position hasnt been filled by a decent name in two decades.
    I was listenin to the joke of a talk show tandom of Dan Schwartzmann and Phil from Mount Airy discuss hockey about a month ago and they were all over this guy and how they Flyers fan base of the “1970’s” was getting older and if they struggle they might not get the fans they used to to come to Wells Fargo.
    It’s a shame two morons like that talk sports for a living.
    Keep up the good work Kyle. This is the only news worth reading that the other bullshit that’s out there.

  3. what up Justin
    nah, just dont understand the writers and tv personalities of the city is all.

  4. Of course you want to see him nude. Maybe you can make a shirt of him as a naked man-bear pissing rainbows.

  5. I’m confused..Didn’t Bernie get a hair transplant a few years ago??
    Hey Doc..not so great save 🙁

  6. Beez Nutz is mad cause his parents switched brands and never got him that Marlboro Red remote control car with all their miles. Instead he spend his high school years rockin a neon green Kool wind breaker everyday and has never been the same.

  7. Ovechkin – How’s it going, Bryz?
    Bryz – I’m drunk.
    Ovechkin – Nah!
    Bryz – I’m not bullshittin’ ya. Got stinkin’ shitfaced on the plane. My dog left me, and that son of a bitch over there keeps playin’ me when he knows I’m shitfaced.
    Ovechkin -Jeez, I’m really sorry.
    Bryz -Anybody goes five hole, I’m gonna piss all over myself.

  8. Kurt, if that’s a “go-to”, that shit is WEAK.
    Beez Nutz is 100% correct, I’ve been saying it all year, I even told Kyle NOT to jock Bryz when he makes you all eat your words.

  9. i dont understand this “back on the bryz bandwagon” bullshit. any philly fan with a reasonable mind would be AT LEAST very concerned and disappointed with Bryz’s consistently awful performance the first 5 months of the season.

  10. @Roger… Great point. Anyone that knows hockey, like myself, could see how bad Bryz looked. He was so slow it was unbelievable. He is a totally different player now.
    It is fine to get down on a player when he sucks. Doesn’t mean I hated him and wanted him to die.
    These idiots like Chirp and JT don’t know shit about the game. All the know is how to kick sniff a player.

  11. Harry O, shit is not weak. The psychoanalytical connotations behind it are incredibly demeaning and therefore quite strong. What’s weak is your “I’ve been telling you guys all year that Bryz was great and you guys didnt listen and now you see that I was right, wah wah wah”. I’m glad he’s playing awesome. Seriously, I’m super pumped. I think it’s crazy how some people can be so pompous to look down on true fans for being disappointed that the big money guy was playing like shit. Lets not forget how great the D is playing now too. Anyone see Grossmann charging from behind the net and diving like 10 feet to stop a slap shot with a 2 goal lead on Sat Night? That shit was not happenening a few months ago. So take all the credit, Harry. You called it. You the man. I just wish we coulda had some of these stops in January and then maybe we’d be in First instead of chasing it.

  12. Thomas my left nut has more hockey knowledge than you.
    And that’s the smallest of the three…
    JT and I tried to get people to relax because we knew over a period of time Bryz would be the man he proved to be throughout his career. Now hes stepped up. But yea were the idiots for not throwing him under the bus and demanding him to be traded.
    Notice how the Flyers changed to a defensive game plan and they give up under 2 a game now? I bet you are still trying to figure out why they are not scoring as much huh?
    Yea yea keep calling JT and myself idiots when we were right…while you still sit there with your thumb up your ass trying to find a way to blame something on Bryz…
    3 finger lenny

  13. You guys are hilarious. And you are all right and wrong in ways. A) yes, he was playing bad. His glove was slow, his positioning was god-awful BUT b) yes, the Flyers changed their game play (a little) when they picked up Kubina and Grossman and started allowing Coburn and Timmonen to sit back and not bring the puck up as much. However, at the same time, Bryz did start playing much better as far as his positioning goes at the end of that last west-coast trip. And it seems odd that once he stopped talking to the press, he seemed more alert during the games. Sure, you can be mad at a guy if he is getting paid bucket-loads of cash and playing like that but Philly fans can say and do whatever we want: 25 years of waiting while selling out places like the Vet and the Spectrum give us that right! But, damn if this guy isn’t a brick wall right now!!! He just needs to keep this game-play and we need Briere to show up.

  14. Chirp, again pounding his chest like he knows more about the game than anyone. Notice how he only talks about the goalie. Doesn’t give the team defense any credit at all and refuses to critize guys like danny briere who stink. CLUELESS

  15. Rob… I’m pretty sure when Chirp said “Notice how when they switched to a defensive game plan…” he was giving the defensive play credit. But yeah, all he ever talks about is the goalie. That’s it. He didn’t say they are playing better defensively, even if he actually did…
    Also, pretty sure both me and Chirp were talking about the defense a LOT months ago when all YOU were talking about was the goalie. Hypocritical much?

  16. lol @ JT…
    The comprehension level in here is through the roof…
    Hello pot meet kettle…
    Funny cause I am giving the Defense more credit for Bryz turnaround then Bryz himself. Yet somehow I am not giving the D credit?
    p*ssy masher? LOL are you joking me. What a loser…you couldn’t pay a chick to touch you, and putting peanut butter on your dick and having your cat lick it off doesn’t count.

  17. Chirp, why are you so obsessed with me. I took your starting job. Let it go.
    Your the same kid who sat outside of my dorm room in college with your video game playing nerd friends while I pounded pssy on a dailey basis.
    You still a virgin?
    You still playing C League beer league? lol loser.

  18. @Rob…
    You come to this site and call me out on every one of your posts…who is obsessed?
    LOL…dude I am pretty sure you still have never kissed a girl let alone banged one. Banging a relative doesn’t count in these parts of the states….
    You kept all your clothes in a bin under the bed and never did laundry…you never showered after practice…we used to put extra sheets down on top of our beds so when you came by to sit down it wouldn’t stink up our mattress.
    everyone hated you dude, even your teammates. We had to be nice to you because you were an RA and you pulled that card out anytime you felt like being a D bag…
    engaged to get married what about you? Still flying solo and masturbating to a Yankees poster in moms basement?
    Top mens “beer” league. Just won back to back championships…
    You are so worthless…no i take that back…you at least make me laugh every once in a while with your awesome posts…keep up the good work son…maybe one day you will be up to my level

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