Jason Babin Doesn’t Get It, Sympathizes with DeSean on His Unfortunate $9.4 Million

Jason Babin
The cry for a social media coordinator continues…

Yesterday, we posted about the Eagles choosing to use their franchise tag on DeSean Jackson. In that post, we included a tweet from Jason Babin which said to Jackson, "It's life…..just do your thing…."

Many fans (on Twitter) were not happy. Babin, it seems, was suggesting that the (around) $9.4 million guaranteed to Jackson is a negative. And while we understand that players want job security, few fans are going to sympathize with a guy who was just granted a nearly $10 million paycheck to play football.

Babin was taking a lot of heat in the Twitterverse, so he tweeted a bit more:

OK people use that thing between your ears. Yes FT is alot of $, but doesnt everyone no matter the duties want job security. #ThinkAboutIt


Once again, job security is something everyone wants, but not many people are able to obtain it in their respective fields.

One person tweeted Babin, echoing the sentiments of fans on Twitter:

[franchise tag] = job security. Most people don't make that amount of $ in a lifetime I.e. 90% of your fanbase


Babin responded:

An example of someone missing the point….#StillEatsPaste


Lovely. Who… exactly… is missing the point here?

This morning rolled around and Babin was still feeling the heat, so he put out what I like to a call a Sideways Tweet, trying to make his point by comparing NFL contracts to Hollywood:

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 10.57.22 AM


Mike Vick thought it was hilarious:

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 10.58.54 AM

So funny.

Once again, fans understand that players want job security. We're not stupid, naive or out of touch, like some players like to think. But athletes are never going to win when complaining about money and contracts in public. So maybe athletes – Eagles – should just stop tweeting about contracts, money, contracts, money… and, yes, contracts and money.


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  1. From top to Andy Reid’s huge bottom, the most unlikeable team in Philly by far are the Eagles.

  2. I keep looking for a reason to want to cheer for this team…all they are giving me are more reasons to not give a fuck

  3. I feel like a sideways tweet can also be comparing NFL contracts to “90% of [his] fanbase” too. If I was a pro athlete, I would never have a twitter because I wouldn’t want to hear bullshit like this from sports fans.

  4. You guys don’t understand, it isn’t cheap running around town with an entourage of home boys.

  5. Tell Babin to hang up the Twitter and practice stopping the run #JennaJamesonsizeholestofill

  6. Jason Babin and most of the rest of last year’s Eagles still have jobs after a disaster of such magnitude that in any other industry would result in mass pink slippage.
    and they’re complaining about job security?

  7. Chaaaaa booooiiiiii geeeettt pppaaaaiiiiidddd yaaa
    That 10 mil will be blown in 4 months, tops.

  8. I’ve had enough of this crappy team and its players that have a sense of entitlement. #GoPhillies

  9. is it just me or does anyone else honestly hate this football team anymore every week its something new need to get back to the old way its seems like every player with a twitter account calls us fans idiots or dumb or something like that its ridculious

  10. Has anyone ever liked getting franchised? Ever? Shut up and play. Way to pull a JVR Babin. Let’s just alienate the fanbase that you all disappointed by defecating in the bed. Just keep getting sacks and stop running your mouth. Remember that time you weren’t good enough to make a team as a regular DE? I do. Settle down and let the team handle its business. Go hunt an animal or something.

  11. I don’t have a twitter account-whatever-it’s-called, and I don’t plan on starting one. But could those who do just fucking inundate this douche till he can’t keep up? Will someone just reiterate to him why it is so easy to hate this fucking team? I’ve NEVER wholeheartedly HATED a Philly sports team until this one. Jesus Christ.

  12. More proof that the rich are different (though nowhere near smarter) from you and me. Until Babin is on OUR side of the street, he’ll never understand how ridiculous his comments truly are.

  13. All Twitter does is expose the mind-numbing ignorance and privilege of professional athletes.

  14. Babin is the biggest tool in the lockeroom, and that is hard to do with this group. Dude sells yoga pants for God’s sake. Reggie and Jerome would have eaten this fruitcake for breakfast.

  15. I love Philadelphia sports teams but this entire Eagles organization is a complete joke. Definitely very easy to hate everything about this team, they do everything wrong.

  16. D Jax & Babin? That’s what you’re upset about? D Jax makes 9 mill a year now. How much do you make? If you ever can’t pay the rent and need the money, go ask Babin or D Jax. See what happens. The Eagles players don’t care about you. Why care about him?
    *Posted this eariler toooooooo

  17. Wow. This team/front office really has no idea how much this fan base hates them. A guy who couldn’t stop the run all year (which is a huge reason we lost some of those games) on a team that overall was a complete fucking disaster last season is complaining about job security. Hey Jason…A lot of people in the real world who actually DO their fucking jobs don’t have job security. Eat shit. And while you’re at it, jam your shaved armpit hairs up your ass.
    If you’re guaranteed 9.4 fucking million in one year (during a near recession), on top of endorsements and the perks of being a celebrity athlete in general, thats not job security..THATS FUCKING LIFE SECURITY. 9.4 million should go a LONG, LONG way, even for someone with a lavish lifestyle. Not to mention ,that if you use your fucking brain just a little bit, being an athlete pretty much guarantees you a lifetime of some sort of job security after your career. You have to be a real fucking piece of shit to go broke with the kind of loot and connections Jackson has. I don’t get how so many athletes go broke. I don’t care what occupation you hold, complaining about 9.4 million and “job security” for playing fucking NFL football is a joke.
    And this is in one year…Assuming they don’t sign him long term before this season, they’re either going to do so next off season or let him walk and get signed long term somewhere else. He’s going to get his fucking money either way. Only a bad injury will prevent him from getting that money. And as far as I’m concerned, every other player out there is one hit away from being sidelined, just like he is. He chose to play at his size, so hes gotta deal with health concerns.

  18. I’m just glad I’m not the only fan who feels this way about this current eagles roster. There are 2 likeable guys on the roster, maybe 3 tops.
    This team really makes me miss the good ol’ days with B-Dawk, B-West, Trot and Runyan. Hard nose guys who got what Philly is all about. These fucking guys are all a bunch of pansies.
    Hey Babin, how bout you put the twitter down and work on stopping the run. Bring that doucher Kelce with you so he can learn how to fucking block someone. Also instead of feeling sorry for D-Jax since he just got 9 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS, why dont you tell him to hit the got damn gym to put some weight on so he can actually get off the line.
    i seriously hate this fucking team.

  19. I don’t mind Players getting as much as they can. 1st of all, the team will cut their ass in the drop of a dime…..second, why are you so bitter about how much they make? Wouldn’t YOU try to make as much money possible? If not, you need to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Shit like this is why I wish contracts were not let out to the public. You have IDIOT FANS talking about shit they don’t have any business talking about, seriously. You all hate the Eagles players because they are getting in Twitter Wars with fans…..do you ever think YOU might be the reason they are getting all pissed off? Where is the professionalism these days? Not just from the Bloggers and fans, the athletes too…..but still, I never got why bitter fans get to hear what athletes make…..reasons like this.
    Don’t worry, when the Eagles are playing in the Superbowl next year, most will say they “stuck by the team thru it all” and jump right back on the Wagon. Jimmy was right, as a whole (unfortunately for the REAL FANS), we look like a city full of FRONT RUNNERS. Thanks guys!!! Stay CLASSY!!!

  20. There have always been rich professional athletes that are good people. And there have always been rich professional athletes that are complete assholes. Twitter is helping us to differentiate. It’s sad because Babin could be a good dude, probably does alot for charities, etc, but 6 words in a fucking tweet just alienated him from his fan base. Who’s not using the thing between his ears?

  21. Dot Head-
    Maybe it’s they’re complaining about being a part of the .01% richest people on earth.

  22. Yeah…Job security in a game where the average career length is 3 years…
    And they call us fans clueless…

  23. Cue racist douche who wants to yell at everyone for being racist cuz we are complaining about d jac.. Deez nutz where u at? Anyways, back to the kitchen where I belong

  24. DotHead…There is one jason babin and a gazillion fans on twitter. Being on an (extremely under performing) NFL team, you have to expect a few nut jobs to insult you on a social venue like that. Doesn’t mean you have to insult them. What’d he think was going to happen?
    No one is bitter over what they make. MOst people accept what they make. People get bitter when these athletes start bitching and moaning over money that most of us will never see in a lifetime. I’d like to think that I have the perspective to understand that 500,000 dollars, let alone 10 million, would go along way for me. Its not to hard to ask these millionaire ATHLETES to have some perspective, or at least the common sense to know not to bitch publiclly about it. And I’d like to think that its perfectly acceptable as a fan to complain, when the players our money provides for play like shit then complain about it.

  25. I can safely say that Brent Celek, Trent Cole, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy have pretty much been the only reasons I’ve stuck with this team for the past handful of years. If nothing changes, and these players eventually go, then I go. I’m tired of this BS.

  26. Athletes just don’t get why they run out of money…. 9.4 millions isn’t enough!? Don’t go out and buy the biggest house or most expensive cars. YOU DON’T NEED THEM. That’s why they run out of money so fast and complain they don’t get paid enough. Fucking idiots.

  27. A normal human being who lives even a modest lifestyle could make 9.4 mil last a LONG time. Isn’t that security enough?

  28. Do you think the U.S. Bankruptcy Court tweets @ various creditors “LMFAO” each time they receive Mike Vick’s Chapter 11 Plan Payment?

  29. Do you really expect well thought out comments from a guy who gets tattoos that stupid ? Babin is the ultimate roid head “bro”. I’m sure he drives a lifted F250 with giant tires and an Affilction sticker on the back window. Whatever the fuck that is…

  30. I wish Jeff Lurie & his pompus players & organization would move this team to another city.

  31. And i also agree with the sentiments of others on here…. i hate this team. someone else had celek, shady, maclin and trent cole as the only likeable guys left. I might add in owen schmitt, maybe riley cooper and a few others. but i long for the days when trot, b dawk, duece, brian mitchell, HUUUGGGHHH akers and others like them. SHIT i never thought i would miss the Irving Fryars and Lito Sheppards of the past

  32. how about “congrats DJax, you earned it! Love, Jason” instead of sorry it took so long for you to become a millionaire… i know djax had outplayed his contract but he signed the contract, honor it. don’t piss and moan til you get your way. And don’t give me the whole “well the nfl can cut you at anytime” sob story. the nfl is a business and a damn successful one. if every cry baby in the nfl got what they wanted, the league would sink. I’m all for trying to better yourself and get paid but their is a word that i don’t think half this league has ever heard, “No”. Asking for a raise is not a automatic entitlement to one. And don’t give me the job security garbage either. the bottom line is he will be playing football, his chosen profession. He might have to decide on WHERE, but there will still be a signed pay check every tuesday for the man to cash. Hey jason, the best way to earn job security is to do your job. I could get laid off tomorrow but that’s the breaks, and I don’t have $9.5 million to fall back on. Talk about a product of the system, we let your ass go 2 years ago cause you sucked and now you have 30+ sacks in the wide 9 in 2 years?! #don’tstepinthepastei’mtryingtoeat

  33. How is Babin wrong here? You want to make $9.5 million? Go play football at an NFL level. Stop bitching about athlete salaries. They make what they make because that is what the “free market” says they should make. If you want to punish them, stop going to games, watching on t.v., and buying merchandise. All Desean is doing is attempting to capitalize on his value in comparison to what the market demands. Nothing at all wrong with that.
    Sweet ink bro – you couldn’t be anymore wrong in just about every argument you made. The fact is that Desean could have had a career ending injury his rookie year and the Eagles would have only been obligated to pay the agreed upon guarantee money dictated in rookie contracts. Good for him trying to get his well deserved money.

  34. Hey MikeinDC….we aren’t complaining about DeSean making $9.5 million.
    We are complaining (or more importantly shaking our head) that Babin is complaining that DeSean isn’t making more than $9.5 million. e.g. Babin was suggesting that the $9.5 million guaranteed to Jackson is a negative.
    I don’t begrudge these guys making the amount of money they do.
    However, I have no empathy or sympathy for these fools complaining that they “only” make $9.5 million.
    Let me put it to you another way. If I hit the lottery for around $4 million, I’d never have to work another single day in my life. READ THAT AGAIN…WON’T HAVE TO WORK ANOTHER DAY IN MY LIFE. I figure I have 25 years left to work. That would work out to an average salary of $160,000 per year. In Jackson’s case he is 25 so let’s say he has to work 40 more years (just go with it). That’s $237,500 per year before taxes. Work one more year and retire. Seems pretty good doesn’t it?
    And if Babin knew anything about the CBA, he’d realize that an NFL player can be cut at any point in time….so their really isn’t any such thing as “job security” in the NFL. Player gets hurt, he pretty much gets cut.
    Given the state of the economy and so many fans struggling to pay for their season tickets (my buddy finally squared up with me for 2010-2011 season), why should we feel for these out of touch with reality jerks?

  35. I reread and reread those things and I still don’t get it. I’m serious.

  36. I think all the posters are arseholes! All you do is sit around all day complaining about what the team is doing in their OFF-season! I don’t think any discusses what you’re doing when you’re VACATION! I love JASON BABIN and I LOVE MY EAGLES! WIN, LOSE OR DRAW I AM AN EAGLES FAN TIL THE END!!! SMDH…MAYBE YOU PEOPLE SHOULD GET A FREAKIN LIFE!

  37. Who’s dumber … the fans or the players? Example number 22,444,567 why the NFL sucks.

  38. For Desean the obvious answer is to give Hume a goog base and add for production…. Run backs, TD’s, etc. Desean would do great with earned benefits. Try him !

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