Jason Babin Wants You To Get Smarter

Jason Babin
Jason Babin has been the talk of the Twitterverse over the past few days, stemming from his tweet to DeSean Jackson after D-Jax got the franchise tag slapped on him.

Babin has faced a lot of critcism on the social network, and continued to fire back at fans. Very smart. Calling all PR help, calling all PR help!

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 5.36.07 PM
We wouldn't usually get on anyone for a spelling mistake on Twitter, but…. Babin followed up that tweet with another gem.

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 5.56.07 PM
If you're wondering, that link takes you to a page that details 13 foods that will make you smarter. Thanks, Jason.

Now back to that spelling mistake. You tell us to be smarter, yet you can't differentiate between principle and principal?

Not your prince, nor your pal.

You're getting written up young man!


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  1. [Insert “I hate this Eagles team” comment here]
    Bunch of fairweather fans.

  2. That has nothing to do with being fair weather any team that comes out and has its players calling it fans stupid is going to get some backlash slappy.

  3. The more he talks (tweets) the dumber he sounds. And he started out pretty dumb.
    I was pretty sure the Eagles PR department was run by idiots, this just verifies it.

  4. So Babin’s wonderlic score was a 22. Which translates to an IQ of 104. IQ=(2*WPT)+60
    Gotcha beat Babin, by almost 30 points.

  5. Maybe we long for the days when King Andy was in total control of the team and not The Gambler and The Beancounter?

  6. Dude has worse tats ever & is a 1 trick pony who would be nothing without the wide 9.

  7. “is a 1 trick pony who would be nothing without ‘defensive scheme'” that’s pretty much every d-lineman in the game genius.

  8. I could give a shit less how stupid this guy is, as long as he stays sacking QB’s on the daily i’m happy. You people care too much about his personal life.

  9. Lol this guys a fuckin fool. He thinks that playing in the NFL doesn’t give you job security and is surprised at backlash when he tweets about it. Then he repeatedly insults the very fans who pay his fucking salary, and has the balls to bring up principles and ‘detaching emotion’. He can suck my ass.

  10. Bryz’s glove: And where did all those sacks by Babin get the team? Quick answer, nowhere. To hell with those empty stats. Andy needs to slap a ban on tweeting by his players as they continue to make themselves look like colossally smacked asses. Insulting the fan base does no one any good.

  11. All Jason proves here is how disconnected with the fans the Eagles really are. The Phillies have become the talk of the town because A) The front office has made (generally) all the right moves to make the franchise both relevant and a team that is ultra-competitive and B) the small fact that they went and won the big one. Competing for Clyde Simmons’ record doesn’t mean shit when the team didn’t even make the postseason. Jason can tweet all he wants; it doesn’t change the fact that the Birds were ass this year.

  12. Jimmyjam…well said. Also throw on the fact that no one on the phillies bitches at/about the fans. Jroll has almost been in hot water a few times, but that was more fans over reacting- and he never insulted any of them. In a few short years, this eagles team has gone from toast of the town to most unlikable group of assholes. Fuck em.

  13. If Jason Babin wants me to get smarter then I’m going to need him to stop waxing his eyebrows. Fair trade. Why must they make it so hard to root for this team?

  14. As long as I’ve been a fan of Philly teams I’ve never hated any of them. They may have sucked & been full of terrible talent for years on end but I never hated them. Lack of talent coming from front office mismanagement does not earn my hatred, just apathy & pity. This current team of Eagles though = HATE. Putting aside guys like Lesean, Celek, Maclin & Herremans, I have either pure apathy on down to sheer hatred for this current team, from the front office on down. Hey Andy, you want to immediately improve your team’s image? Ban these tools from EVER addressing the fans in any way, shape or form in the media. Period.

  15. I agree abort the whole fucking team. All this dude seemed to care about was sacks. I wonder what incentive he earned? Was there an incentive to stop the run? I hate the fucking Eagles!!!!!!!!

  16. I’d have traded in half those sacks if it meant teams wouldn’t have been able to plan their entire running game on his side of the field. Fuckin fraud.

  17. I told my Dad back in October that I hated this team, his jaw dropped, and near disowned me. Now, he is a hater, also. No heart, no class, no sense of reality, no understanding of the Philly fan base, and no TEAM pride. It’s all about getting paid, and DJackoff and Babs are the prime example of it. I will take over the hill and out of shape JTrot and hurt and ailing BDawk and the undersized Jamar Chaney over 90% of the idiots that are on the team.
    Players that need to be gone:
    Steve Smith
    Brian Rolle – (“What team will he play for, again?”)
    Vick – the epitome of why franchises don’t like QB’s with his athleticism – they’re always hurt and banged up and can’t play every game.

  18. FYI, before you start making this a spelling class, principal was not misspelled.
    And what are you trying to do? You have all these IDIOT “fans” worrying about how much people make…..

  19. principal…As in the guy who ran his high school? Who probably sent Jason Babin to remedial classes for being a fucking dumbass kind of principal?
    If hes trying to refer to mathematical principal, which I doubt, than that too is an irrelevant argument…cause..ya know…10 million in one year in a near recession…Thats all ya really need to know.

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