Jimmy Rollins Says Cole Hamels Is “Not Going Anywhere”

Cole Hamels
Jimmy Rollins did quite a bit of posturing last season when it was his turn for free agency, but he's not playing any games now. He has his deal, and thinks Cole Hamels will get his too.

[CSN Philly]

"He’ll be here,” Rollins told CSNPhilly.com. “He’s not going anywhere. He was drafted by this organization, raised by this organization and became a superstar in this organization. If you know anything about this organization, that means he’s not going anywhere. “It’s fun to talk about for talk radio and stuff like that. But he’s not going anywhere. That's my opinion.”


If Rollins feels this way, it does lead you to believe he never thought he was leaving Philly last year.

What about the Phillies and their financial situation? They sell out every game, sell tons of merchandise, and yes, the fans travel pretty well too - just ask the four or five Washington National fans.

What does this all mean? Fans want the team to pay Cole Hamels, and Rollins says they have the money to do it.

[CSN Philly]

“Oh, they can [sign Hamels],” Rollins said. “It’s just will they? And they probably will. But it’s definitely not a financial situation. I don’t give a damn about the luxury tax or nothing. It’s not a financial situation. You sell out a hundred something straight games, they have plenty enough money to sign a pitcher like Cole Hamels. 

“He’s a very big part of this. There’s no doubt about it.”


Valid points, Jimmy. Valid points.

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21 Responses

  1. Ed Snider may have his faults, but spending money on the team he loves isn’t one of them

  2. J Roll dont know shit. Snider only spends money on the flyers. He doesn’t really care as much about the Phillies. I will say he does let Amarro pretty much do whatever he wants, but eventually el-cheapo Eddy Snider is going to draw him back in.

  3. LT, how you figure? Snider has definitely gotten cheap. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they let Hammels walk.

  4. @Thomas last time I checked Ed Snider didn’t own the Phillies so how could he possibly have anything to do with Cole Hamels.

  5. Amaro is always afraid to sign pitchers long term. Cole is going to walk for more years and money. Thank god Fat Joe has looked good this preseason, he’ll slide right into the #3 spot when Cole is traded at the deadline.

  6. He signed the great and wonderful Lee for 5 with 6 year option. How can they not do the same for Cole who actually won something in this town? It will not look good if an exception was made for a hired gun like Lee and not a player that they drafted and developed with this much talent and upside.

  7. Rollins was never really gonna go anywhere. He said it and we knew it before he said it. He’s right. Hamels will always be a Phillie and Ruben be damned if he lets Hamels walk.

  8. You don’t sign Howard and then let Hamels walk. I understand the volatility of pitchers, but it’s curious that the Phillies let the Hamels’ value rise so much before locking him in to a more team-friendly contract. Unless of course they would rather pay a premium for less uncertainty.

  9. It’s true, if Cole walks, it will be the biggest travesty by a GM this city has ever seen. Amaro will sign him long term. He’s not stupid.

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