Jonathan Papelbon Softens Up, But Still Thinks You’re Smarter Than Red Sox Fans


Photo courtesy St. Pete Beach Photo

Jonathan Papelbon, who earlier this month told WIP that Phillies fans “know the game a little bit better [than Red Sox fans],” clarified his statements today as the Red Sox are in Clearwater to play the Phillies.

Here’s what he told Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald:

“I was just calling a spade a spade. I’ve been in the bullpen down there many a times in Boston to know this (fan) don’t have a clue what he’s talking about. It happens in Philadelphia, too. I’ve been in Philadelphia’s bullpen. I was just simply saying that, because the American League is different than the National League, there’s a little more thought process that goes along with that.”

“I knew it was going to be read that way. I knew. But that’s the thing. I didn’t really care. The fans that know me in Boston, it’s kind of irrelevant. I’m not going to throw shots at Boston fans. No way. They were there for me for so many years. I was just making a statement.”


His statement remains: National League fans know the game better than American League fans. Henceforth, Phillies fans are smarter than Red Sox fans. Done and done. Thanks for sticking to your guns, Cinco Ocho.


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  1. If that makes you feel better, great!
    But wait until Papelbon hears some of the DOPES, NITWITS and MORONS in this city talk Baseball, especially Jim Salisbury.
    He might take it all back.
    Cinco Ocho is already played out, yo!

  2. this is why I hope the NL will never be forced to adopt the DH…. might as well turn this into teeball

  3. Time for your “Papsmear”
    Can’t wait to use this sign ever night before He closes out a team

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