Jonathan Papelbon Smacks Boston Fans, a Bit

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We were – rightfully – skeptical about the Phillies signing Cinco Ocho, partly because he calls his other self that, but mostly because he will make $50,000,058 as a closer… and because he asked for that extra $58 in his contract.

Anyway, Paps can win us over.

His making fun of Terry Francona the other day was a start. Winning a World Series will be a finish. Somewhere in the middle falls his appearance on the WIP Morning Show today.

Paps (ew, but I think that’s what we’re going with) first told Angelo Cataldi – who has been hosting a morning show for, like, 30 years – that he “didn’t seem like a morning person.” Angelo said he was just excited to have the closer on, a line which was met with this response from 58: “I don’t like grown men saying they get excited when they see me.”

Awkward. Fun. But this was better:

Angelo: Can you tell us a little bit about what [playing in Boston] was like?

5 8: It’s a religion, it’s a way of life. They come to the field and they expect certain things out of their players, and not that they don’t expect anything more than I expect out of myself, but it’s an environment where you put up or shut up. And I think, for me, that was an environment I succeeded in and I enjoyed that, and that’s what got my motor running every day. But, the difference between Boston and Philadelphia is that I think that the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball. I’d say the Philly fans, I think they tend to know the game a little bit better… being in the National League, the way the game is played. The Boston fans, I’ve had a guy take off his prosthetic leg and throw it in the bullpen, he wanted me to sign it.

Angelo: I don’t think that would happen here.


Well, it did happen here. Sort of: [taken from our post back in the summer of 2010]

Screen Shot 2012-03-08 at 3.38.28 PM

Yep, that’s our former closer Brad Lidge signing a wooden leg

But whatevs– Paps just landed a solid blow to the chin of Bostonians everywhaaaaaaa. We like that. 

Audio of his interview after the jump.


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10 Responses

  1. Say what you want about Papelbon, but I think we are gonna like this guy. He’s a little fuckin weird, but that’s alright.

  2. My small, wrinkly, hairy, sweaty penis turned into a slightly firm 2 inch chode boner when I saw Papst Blue Ribbon walk into the studio. I wanted to place my tight, mangy, leathery publical sack into his puke ridden mouth. Oh fuck I wanted his slender figure.

  3. @Angelo Cataldi- what’s wrong with you???

  4. Angelo, i’ll give you the best mustache ride of your life! Let’s do the horizontal mambo girlfriend?

  5. Wait til you start losing, he will see how many BANDWAGON assholes are there.
    Wait til he reads this site, he will wonder if there’s anything going on in the Sports World other than how many pills Richie and Carts took 7 years ago.
    Wait til he sees the same pics of Richie’s Dad, once a week.

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