LeSean McCoy Stars in This Meek Mill Produced Rap Video About… Harrisburg!

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Meek Mill is just plowing his way through local athletes. Pretty soon he’s going to run out of options and be forced to cast Carlos Ruiz or Sean Couturier in one of his videos (actually… Cooter’s Toothless Youngin’ would be outstanding).

The latest local athlete to appear in a Meek Mill produced jammy jam is LeSean McCoy, who joins Winner’s Circle, AllStezzy, and others who I don’t know in I Am Harrisburg, a hip hop tribute to the mean streets of our state’s capital. 

I really wish Shady would have rapped about the time he Twitter fished for hunnies from his hometown T.G.I. Fridays. Unfortunately, he didn’t. He didn't rap at all, in fact. Just this 20 second soliloquy to finish up the video:

"Philly-Harrisburg the same, that’s all it is. We don’t need to talk about that. All-Pro. Pro Bowl. We’re here for my city. We came through, iced up, cars on deck. Whatever you need. When you come to my city, Harrisburg, baby, whatever it take, I’ll do whatever for. You feel me? So you heard the verses, you heard the track– it’s all that. 

It ain’t just about me, it’s about that 717, you heard?"

I had not heard, actually. But you can try…. after the jump.


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  1. i cant believe shady actually thinks harrisburg is the same as philly. Boul better check himself before he wreck himself

  2. Wow this is pretty bad. I’m a Downingtown native and I spent a couple years at Penn State Harrisburg and it’s nothing to “brag” about. They have one row of bars, 2nd street, and thats about it. The city is surrounded by small towns with white dumb hicks intermixed with Amish/Mennonite. Shady must love his home town…… 610 > 717

  3. These mools should be less concerned with street cred and more concerned with child support and getting off welfare

  4. 2nd street is it and really just the irish bar. Brought to you by the future inmates of the nfl, i heard lewisburg’s nice in the spring.

  5. Yo, Whitey! I’d love for you to say that to the face of Suge Knight and see how long it’d take for you to wind up in the nearest E.R. Heh!

  6. Hate on Harrisburg all you want, but remember, unlike most of this team, LeSean McCoy is one of the good guys. My son goes to Bishop McDevitt and McCoy is an active supporter of his former high school football team. He has been spotted at several games, travels with no entourage and demands no special treatment. He interacts with the students, signing autographs when asked. My son has met him on several occasions and each time he has been impressed with McCoy’s friendliness. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Ricky Watters.

  7. Yo Filly Flash, Immma slump you son, wordtah motha wordtah motha, gotz mah child support on lock son, wordtah motha, don need nah school cuzzz, ima flip weight, wordtah motha wordtah motha, dey booted mah whip again yo, dayz crahayzey…

  8. @thephillyflash….that’s all the blacks do, resort to violence. I’d shoot Suge in his face

  9. I live in the Harrisburg area, and attended Marques Colston’s old school in Susquehanna. Followed McCoy’s career all throughout high school, as he’s only a year older, and you couldn’t stop hearing about the guy. Yet he stayed humble and didn’t forget where he came from, obviously. Colston visited the school several times while I attended, and plenty of times since, and has given back to the community greatly. His mother continues to run his charity here. Say what you want, some talented players have come from this area. It’s definitely not “hard” here, but if there’s something wrong with good ball players that stay good people, I guess there’s something wrong with Harrisburg…

  10. You saw what happened when that whitey Vanilla Ice talked sheet to Suge Knight, yo!
    Shady should just worry about playing football for the shitty eagles and leave rapping to tha real og’s.
    RIP Biggie and SuPac isn’t dead, he’s in Mexico.

  11. That was fucking stupid, and embarrassing to all those horrible black rappers, the white dude who was the worst of all, and the city of Harrisburg. How could they really watch that video and be like “yeah this is awesome!”

  12. not proud of it but Harrisburg is a bad little city. The violent crime rat per 1000 residents is 14.23 when the national median is 3.9. Crimes per square mile in the City of Harrisburg is 277 when the national median is 39.6. The song was meant to rally the city due to the horrible mayor “LT”. The city is practically bankrupt with a pretty high unemployment rate. It is nothing to brag about and yes, there isn’t a lot to the city without Second Street’s bar scene but I am willing to bet not many people wanna travel up the “hill” on a friday night after those bars close. One might become a statistic. I was a US Marine and felt safer walking around Iraq than I ever would walking around the “hill”.

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