Shane Victorino Says He Will Lead The League In Triples, Manuel Agrees

Shane Victorino
It must be a day of guarantees. First, LeSean McCoy said the Eagles were going to win the Super Bowl on SportsCenter, and now it's Victo's turn.

In a cool new commercial for Opening Day, several players make bold predictions. Victorino says he will lead the league in triples, and Charlie agreed. Kind of a weird prediction?

Video is after the jump.


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19 Responses

  1. That’s great Shane.
    Since Utley and Howard are cripples now, you best also lead the league in HR, RBI, and HBP in order to pick up the slack.

  2. Shane Victorino is a festering stinky cunt. I hope he contracts HIV from coarse anal sex with warren sapps scrotum

  3. Video wasn’t worth the 5 minutes it took me to watch it, because the stupid fucking auto-play advertisement on the side of the page was telling me smoking would kill me…
    On a side note, Kyle, you should keep a list of everyone stating how fucked we are now… So come August/September, when they try to suck the “PHaithful” cock, we can all shove it up their asses… (no homo).

  4. Matt, I guess we were pretty well fucked last season and this season as well. Learn the game before you go bashing one of the top 5 CF in mlb. Victorino doesn’t get the respect he deserves in this city, mainly because a whole bunch of the populace doesn’t know the game as much as they think they do.

  5. Yes, when the ball is in play after swinging on the first pitch he hits like .339, which is above league average. Which is good. It doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be dropped further back to let Victorino lead off though. Just sayin J-roll isn’t all about popping up on the first pitch as many people in the fanbase think.

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