The Amaro Lies: You F%#@ing Fibber You


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Last year we started a series called The Amaro Lies, a melodramatic theme in which, I think, we only stuck with for two posts. 

Make it three.

The premise is simple: Ruben Amaro lies. It’s usually for the good of the team, or in playing his trademarked game of dick-measuring poker, but he’s a fibber. A deceptive scalawag who will look a reporter in the eye and take sheer pleasure in telling him complete and utter bullshit. He probably enjoys it more than is socially acceptable. I could see him giving the birds and the bees talk to his nieces and making up some shit to get them laughed away from their first coed experience when they show up to Bobby’s dorm room carrying a dreamcatcher and a two-foot tall wooden gnome. It's not because he wants youngsters to remain chaste, but because it’s fucking funny. He seems like that type of guy. 

Anyway, he’s already vacillated (+2) wildly this spring. Presented without comment:

On Ryan Howard

The setup: Ruben Amaro, February 25, 2012:

"The reason to see doctor was routine," Amaro said. "He might treat it. Ryan is doing fine. We don't view it as a setback."


The prestige: Ruben Amaro, March 15, 2012:

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Friday he expects Ryan Howard to continue to wear a protective walking boot on his left leg "for another week."

"When the wound gets healed over enough for him to take the boot off, that's what we'll do," Amaro said.


On Chase Utley

The setup: Ruben Amaro, March 5, 2012:

"We talked about him not playing for the first week or two weeks," he said of Utley. "We're going to ease him into it. We know he'll be ready when the bell rings. We just want to make sure he's as fresh and as healthy as he can possibly be on Opening Day."

"He seems fine," Amaro said. "We're just taking things slowly with him. There's no reason to start putting the pounding on his knees that typically he would have during this time. There's no reason to start that process now when we can start it a little bit later on."


Ruben Amaro, March 15, 2012:

“We talked to Dr. Ciccotti and Scott Sheridan and Chase every day about what the right timing for him and we’re just holding off for the right time, so we can get him ready physically and get him ready timing wise, and then get him going. We think he’s going to be ready for Opening Day, but once we get him on the field, we’ll know more.”


The prestige: Ruben Amaro, March 19, 2012:

"[Chase] is headed out of town for a few days to be evaluated by a specialist that has helped athletes overcome his issue."

“I would think it would be doubtful for him to be prepared to play second base for us Opening Day.”

“The guy’s got bad knees. We know it. And that’s a fact and we’re just trying to limit and also make sure that he’s ready to go and feeling comfortable about the bulk of the season.”


On Freddy Galvis

The setup: Ruben Amaro, March, 16, 2012:

“(Galvis) has done well so far,” Amaro said. “But that doesn’t mean he’s a major league second baseman yet.”


The prestige: Ruben Amaro, March, 19, 2012:

“We could, but I like Galvis. Has Galvis done anything to warrant not playing? He’s been our best player this spring.”


Somewhere, Paul Holmgren nods his head in approval.

So, all of this makes you wonder: Is Rube being honest when he says that he's not looking to trade for a replacement infielder? I says no.

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51 Responses

  1. We are fucked….no team can win with this many key injuries at least we have hockey action yo

  2. Shut the fuck up about Valdez you fucking idiot
    Amaro is a joke though, still riding Gillick’s dick
    Beez Nutz

  3. @BobbyD
    They have never watched baseball before 2008, they dont know a fucking thing about the sport
    Beez Nutz

  4. We’re talking about trading Valdez and how a Martinez injury hurts.
    I said it before, I’ll say it again…Its over.
    I’m a fan and its been fun, but if you haven’t seen this coming since the Giants loss you don’t really care.

  5. Valdez n Martinez are a dime a dozen yo…calm down you fucking twats…RAJ will make a deadline deal for a big stick and everything will be fine

  6. The Jose from Norristown schtick gets funnier and more original every time, you should definitely keep posting it in every comment thread.

  7. Valdez was good. But he was only good for gobbling up balls bouncing his way in the infield, he has a good arm. But his only offensive contribution was hitting into DP’s over and over again. If I were Charlie and there was a man on with Valdez up and 1 out, I’d tell him to watch every single pitch and not swing on anything. It looks like Galvis will do at least what Valdez does for the league minimum. That’s why Valdez is gone. BEEZ, Gillick is still with the Phillies mmmkay… Also it wasn’t Gillick who conned Montgomery into opening the vault to get Halladay and Cliff Fucking Lee either. Amaro is doing what he can to keep the Phills at the top of the food chain. Pretending you could do better from a message board makes you the joke, not Amaro.

  8. What would look better right now:
    Aramis Ramirez
    Jonathan Papelbon
    All you little girls who creamed yourself when Rube signed this guy have watched the movie Major League a few times too many. He wasted his budget on a guy who is only useful for one inning, AFTER we have the lead. He could have signed a guy who can actually GET us the lead.
    Kill yourselves.

  9. Kyle, when you go on WIP this morning tell Rhea someone posts on your blog as “horse face Hughes”

  10. @Johnny
    next time make atleast one point if you’re gonna write something that long.
    RAJ is a joke and soon everyone will realize it. Cant wait to hear you when the “Vault” starts closing and he has play GM for real.

  11. If they trade Lee or any of the big 3 for a position player, of any caliber, I’m going to personally cut RAJ’s dick off.

  12. Panic is usually my middle name, but I don’t see the need to panic yet. We knew coming in to the year Howard was probably out until the All Star Break and Utley would likely only play 120-130 games tops, with declining numbers. There’s nothing that’s happened in the last 2 weeks that should make you any more or less optimistic about the season.
    Last season your starting RF/5th or 6th batter for the first 2 months was Ben Francisco. And Raul Ibanez was playing almost every day batting 5th or 6th and batting under .200 in April.
    “Oh my god we lost our backup IF who was the 1 of the 5 worst hitters among position players in the league last year, worse than Lee and Hamels” – nobody ever

  13. Anybody elase learn anything over the last 3 years? The regular season means shit and RAJ always pulls a rabbit out, just make the playoffs.

  14. @ BEEZ, A point like “Amaro is a Joke”? That’s not a point it’s a dumbass statement with nothing to back it up. You don’t know what a fucking point is. You couldn’t make a good point with a pencil sharpener. You are still the joke.

  15. @Jonny
    what a zinger there boss.
    I dont need to make a point, I made a statement and you’re the douche getting all up in arms about defending him… so defend him
    yes, im the joke of a silly ass blog messageboard LOL .. fuck outta here

  16. WHO CARES IF HE LIES! Unless you think he’s doing it to harm the team, who cares. Whether he lies or not doesn’t change anything about Howard’s or Chase’s injury. His lies didn’t make those injuries worse, he just lied about when they’d return. That’s what GM’s do. Good ones at least. The media is so bored looking for a story, they’ll chase anything anyone says.

  17. Have the Phils played a game yet? Did the National league lose Pujols and Fielder? If the Phillies are in fact done, like so many are saying, who’s better? Who can tell me by watching spring training highlights who is better an the Phillies? How about we wait to see what actually happens DURING THE SEASON before we go crazy saying it’s over. It’s baseball guys, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  18. @ Beez,It’s only a silly ass message board because you’re always here with your dumbass comments. If I’m a douche for calling you out on it then I like the idea of that. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and should shut up about running a team from your computer. That is all. You may now go about your usual dumbassedness.

  19. I’m sorry, but Utley, even if he makes it back on the field, will never be the same player. I almost thought we were doing better when he was on the DL last year. Yeah, I love how he plays, I love his work ethic and his mentality, but I’m excited to see what Galvis can do. I’m excited about Mayberry. We still have Pence. With Martinez out, looks like we might have Luna (who isn’t looking too shabby). D Brown hasn’t been doing too bad, and if RAJ lies, maybe he won’t be down at AAA all season. All in all, though, this team is built to win by great pitching and great D. Worley, Blanton, and Kendrick have all looked good, and we don’t have to worry about the three number 1’s. We’re going to be just fine.

  20. so saying
    RAJ Sucks and rides Gillikcs dick = me Running the team
    good job Jonny, im so glad the English language and your brain work so well together.

  21. Valdez hit into plenty of DP, but his numbers weren’t that bad:
    Batting Average: .249 OBP .294 SLG .341 OPS .634
    In his two years with the Phils, his batting average with RISP: .370 (27-for-73) with six doubles, three triples and 28 RBIs.
    “But when you examine what Valdez has done with runners in scoring position, it separates him from most other bench players in baseball.”
    Read more:

  22. god damn i hope all you bandwagoners don’t pull a hammy jumping off. it’s march, see you on broad street this halloween. and everybody who thinks us not having valdez anymore is a big deal just proved you haven’t watched baseball before 2008.

  23. What a bunch of fuckin wagon riding pussies…it’s all about October retards. What was the cards record last year?

  24. @Blonders- yea, right. The thing about Valdez is this – he has proven to be a valuable utility infielder in 3 positions. Granted, his best positions are 2B & SS, but he plays a decent 3B. With Polly and Utley being less than healthy, having him as an option was optimal. MiniMart doesn’t hit as well, doesn’t field as well, but is faster on the basepaths. This is only useful when he manages to get on 1B, something that isn’t his strongest suit (OBP .258).
    Galvis can play 2B for us, and that’s great. He’ll be even better prepared at the plate to be our everyday SS in 3 years when Rollins’ contract is up. But he’s going to have to get used to SS again, which isn’t that difficult, but isn’t optimal either. Plus, with him at 2B every day, who is his backup at this point? Orr? I’d rather not depend on him. His fielding is OK & his batting is not good (.219, OBP .271)
    Now, I’ll admit I haven’t seen many spring training games, I have a job and all, but I’m not happy that we traded our best utility infielder. I am not terribly excited about the price we paid for Papelbon, nor do I think Nix and Wigginton were tremendous pickups. Thome hasn’t traveled with a glove in 5 years and played 3 games. He’s not exactly everyday starter material either.
    We’re a team of injured stars, aging stars, and neverhavebeen stars. . . Sure there are healthy, bright spots (Victorino, Chooch (who is also getting old) our starters, Pence), but every other position player on the field has spent significant time in years past and/or will stat this year on the DL. Not good.
    I’ve watched this team for 30+ years. I love the Phillies. I want to win. I think they can win. But I think that Rube made moves to make them, rather than for the sake of making the team better. He seems to think he HAS to do something big every offseason. I disagree. We’d have been fine with Madson closing (for the right price) IMO, and we still need a bat. If we hadn’t signed Papelbon we might have had the money to find one. And I think we grossly overpaid Ryan Howard (and I said that pre-injury). We’re turning into the Yankees of the National League and I’m pretty disgusted by that mentality.

  25. yo Mel, I’m pretty sure Valdez is 34 and grounded into more DP’s than I can count. Yes his defense was above average but I’m confident we can find someboy who can play 2B and 3B (Blake Dewitt)and provide more pop. Then slide the kid Freddy over to SS when Jimmy needs a break.

  26. Ruben Amaro is a joke.. a typical JV GM. Phils aint winning, too old. I am still pissed he gave Ryan Howard all that $$.

  27. @Blonders:
    You’re exaggerating or you can’t count very high.
    In 2011 he grounded into 13 double plays in 273 at bats, or once every 21 at bats. This was down from 2010, where he batted into 20 double plays in 333 at bats, or once every 16.65 (17) at bats. So his rate of GDP went down in 2011 by 4 at bats (and if you go by plate appearances, his numbers for 2011 were one DP every 23 at bats versus 2010 one DP every 18.15 at bats).
    Polanco looks to be the next worst, with 15 in 469 at bats (every 31.22 at bats) and one out of every 35 plate appearances for 2011, but he was injured too.
    So yea, Willy hit into a lot of DPs, hence he’s a bench player and a utility infielder.
    I’m not arguing he’s the savior of this team, I’m arguing he’s a better back up than MiniMart and Orr combined, who are the current backups.

  28. Mel, that’s just one aspect he was “worst” at too. He struck out 41 times last season in 300 Pa’s. Ruiz struck out 48 times in 472 PA’s. The guy just wasn’t good with the bat, plain and simple. A .634 OPS is bad. A .249 BA is bad. And if you look at his WAR it’s – for last season. Below replacement level. His dWAR is a negative for last season even. If you believe in UZR (which I do) It says he doesn’t have as much defense as we tend to place on his game. He’s a replacement and there are hundreds of them available. I’d bet after this season is up Galvis is better than him.

  29. Such a bunch of bitches in here. Dont watch the Phillies if some of you think they will be so bad. As someone said above, its all about October. Most of you seem to forget we were banged up last year and still won 102.

  30. Jonny- I just looked at his UZR. Basically what it said was that he’s league average at SS and below Utley at 2B. Well, everyone save Cano is below a healthy Utley at 2B. Utley is a top 5 2B overall IMO (yea, I don’t have numbers to back that one up).
    Agreed on the Galvis point, and think he’ll be a better all around 2B than Valdez. I just hate that he’s going to miss everyday starts in the minors when (?) Utley comes back.
    Overall, with the injuries we have, I’d have kept Valdez as the backup infielder, and cut Martinez and Orr. But, I do agree that Galvis is the future SS and will play 2B better (including at bats) than Valdez ever did.

  31. Mel, Keeping Martinez and Orr over Valdez was a head scratcher for me too. I just hope nobody thinks Valdez was anything above replacement level. He’s a perfect example of it actually and they usually aren’t too hard to come by. Valdez and Martinez were both gifts from other teams with too many of their type to hold onto anymore, if I remember correctly. Last season Valdez posted his worst UZR and that’s a good sign things are slipping when the guy is 34, add the bat issues, his million dollar salary, and it was time to say goodbye. In hindsight though, the Phills could use him now huh?

  32. NEWSFLASH!! A general manager tells lies! Horrors! Hardly a revelation as they ALL lie out their rear ends.

  33. @Mel, here’s a free lesson for today.
    If a player has an OBP below .300, he does not belong in the MLB.
    If Mel is short for Melanie, stop watching sports, and go make me a sandwhich before I punch you in the mouth.

  34. does anyone else get the sens ethat maybe hes not lying…maybe hes just fucking clueless? i mean youd have to be clueless to want to not trade utley after 09 or 10 and to resign rollings and to give howard a deal as long as we did. SMH rube you did a great job with the pitchers but youve neglected the other 8 positions. Overall im not satisfied with the job hes done. Gillick > RAJ

  35. I love the morons like Mel who clearly know nothing about the game of baseball. Valdez simply put was a marginal baseball player who has little to 0 impact on a season.

  36. Hahaha I thought i was the one confused over this. Reading thru the comments, I am surprised and just confused as well. I guess i’ll just put this in the air. i can’t add more fuel.

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