The Sad State of Chris Pronger

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We knew Chris Pronger wasn’t doing so well. When he skipped a charity fashion show, planned by him and his wife Lauren, his significant other informed the media that her husband was still having “good days and bad days.” It’s a sad reality for Pronger, who has rarely even been around the team of late (once since his concussion, I believe).

So, today, when the Flyers posed for their team picture, Pronger was there in spirit… or in the form of a Flyers front office member:


Creepy, actually. But sad. Sad, too.

Other news from Flyers practice: Reporters, um, report that Bryz looked sharped in drills. He even got all silly again when he said: "You going to put in newspaper that Bryzgalov is practicing?" Oh Bryz, Russian goaltender so lovable when he stop puck.


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  1. That’s a shame since he was at the game last week and looked pretty good. Figured it was a good step.
    Anyone hear anything on the USA Today comment about how he was supposed to see a specialist in Pittsburgh this week and potentially be cleared to start rehab? What happened there I wonder?
    Get well soon Captain!

  2. I need more news on Pronger. Is he in a sad state of depression right now? Is he so bad off he can’t even show up for a photo shoot? What is it? Inquiring minds want to know. Ok, I’m turning back off again, as usual.

  3. I genuinely hate to consider such a thing, but I can’t help wondering if Pronger’s done and he won’t be back. Ever.

  4. Would be a total Pronger move to psych everyout and be ready for the playoffs after all..
    Could you imagine the ovation he’s get?

  5. I wish you were right Stu but there’s about a .01% chance of that happening. As sad as it is, I agree with the folks that will be pleasantly shocked if he ever plays again.

  6. Sad to say Chris Pronger = Keith Primeau… He’s not coming back, what he has is immensely difficult to deal with… for God’s sake, it took Primeau years to begin to feel “normal” again… Time to move on fellas. It hurts to say it, but we have to stop pining for him to come back and deal with the issues at hand

  7. Flyers in 6 over Pens. Got swept by the Isles! The Isles? Get well Prongs.

  8. Unfortunately we will never see Chris Pronger again due to the fact that he was stuck wearing a piece of junk plastic helmet and suffered a life changing injury. Again, the team comes up short in the issue of player safety.

  9. Edward: If there’s and issue with player safety, then it’s league wide, not just with the Flyers. Remember when players had to be dragged kicking and screaming into wearing helmets at all? And, if memory serves, Pronger was injured after catching a stick to the face since he doesn’t wear a visor on his helmet like most players do. If you ask me, visors on helmets aren’t enough, they should wear full cages like kids in college while helmets be made stronger. That would help cut down on the sort of head related injuries players suffer from these days.

  10. Edward is so passionate about player safety & I agree with him.
    Ed its a same that pussy Eddie Snider cares more about a mechanical bull at xfinity live over the safety of his players

  11. I’m pretty sure Pronger is just out of town. I saw him in Dick’s Sporitng Goods in cherry hill a few days ago and he looked alright.

  12. Flash, one thing at a time. I agree with you that the equipment is less than adequate and that all players and refs should be mandated to wear full cages. However, it can’t stop there. They need to improve from the cheap plastic that they use and require neck guards as well. We should start a petition so the NHL puts an end to this travesty.
    Lenny, I can’t believe I am saying this, but I agree that Mr. Snider will do anything to make a buck and doesn’t care whose lives are ruined in the process. It is just sickening

  13. These ehings happen, thats hockey. Pretty soon they are gonna start wearing skirts…Injurys happen in all sport, if the change the equipment everytime someone goes down eventually they will be wearing bomb defusal suits. Snider has no decision on the helmets they wear, they are provided by the sponsers to the league and each player can choose which helmet he wants and im pretty sure Prongs would elect to not wear one at all if he could. I want chris to come back as soon as he is able to but changing equipment, changing rules, calling out the owner, etc. wont make that happen any sooner. Good luck chris and get well.

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