The Way Which Donovan McNabb’s Agent Spun The Lack of Interest in His Client Should be Taught in Colleges

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Oh Donovan, just admit it– no one likes you anymore… save for maybe that mens league basketball team in Minnesota.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune and trying to drum up some interest in his client (is this thing on?), former Five’s agent, Fletcher Smith, spun the lack of phone calls to Donovan as a positive.

Watch this, folks, mere mortals can’t pivot like this– it takes a slimy agent: [via Chicago Tribune]

“We’re just weighing our options right now,” said Fletcher Smith, McNabb’s agent, on Tuesday. “No real set timetable to make a decision on what he is going to do this year. So he’s in a holding pattern at this point.”

“We’ll see what happens. We really can’t control the media frenzy that Peyton has found himself in,” Smith said. “Going back a couple of years, when Donovan was first traded (from the Eagles to the Redskins), there was quite a bit of interest in what was going to happen with him and there was excitement over the move to Washington. But some of that enthusiasm and excitement has sort of waned a little bit.”

“It’s a good problem to have in his case, because it seemed like for many years every offseason, he was the lead story. So he can afford to lay out a little bit.”


Smith goes on to say that McNabb most definitely, without a doubt has a future in broadcasting when his playing career is over. But no word on when that may be. 

One thing is for sure, though: the three teams that Donovan identified as teams that he could "add a little bit of flavor to" are seemingly not interested in serving as a landing spot for the aged quarterback. Frowny face.


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  1. Why is it that 75% of this blog is about former Philadelphia athletes and where they are now? Is the state of sports news in this city that bad?

  2. The state of sports is not that bad.
    The problem is, and I am a fan of the four teams here in town, that a very large chunk of the fanbase enjoys living 5-10 years in the past.
    But its almost to be expected. That the city government itself, with its highly paid patronage jobs, and huge cadillac retirement plans, thinks it is still 1963, so by comparison the fanbase is downright progressive!!

  3. McWormBurner is the new ex-Philly athlete to rip
    Do you think this pic will make it on here more than Carter and Richards?
    Do you think McNabb will get more rips than Babin?
    How about Richards’ dad?
    Did you notice there’s no more Bryz bashing?
    They’re right back on that wagon!!!

  4. McNabb was looking up in an attempt to fake out the defender when in all reality he was looking to just simply bounce pass the ball out of bounds…

  5. I’ll never watch any show that has McNabb on as a broadcaster, never ever ever ever

  6. Pic was taken right before a low air ball was launched that hit a fat, midwestern cheerleader in the mellon. Knocked her scruchi off.

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