Vote For Claude Giroux or Scott Hartnell to be on the NHL 13 Cover

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This girl is voting

Yesterday we told you that you can vote for LeSean McCoy to be on the Madden cover (please don’t, the curse is very real). Today, EA Sports opened voting for the NHL 13 cover. Each team has two candidates who will square off against each other in a first round that will go through April 11. The rest of the voting will take place during the playoffs, concluding in June.

Your first round Flyers matchup is… Claude Giroux vs. Scott Hartnell. Something tells me Flyers folks on the interwebtuals are going to have G win the whole thing. 

Vote here (requires registration).

via Puck Daddy, H/T (@Briankluger)


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  1. Looking forward to NHL 13 with either Spezza or Kessel on the cover. There are a lot of Flyers fans but if it’s an open vote there’s no way we’re competing with the fine folks up north, what with their beady eyes and their floppy heads.

  2. I think everyone should make it their personal mission to get Scott Hartnell on the cover. Imagine a cover with that ginger executing a perfect #hartnelldown.
    Best. EA. Sports. Cover. Ever.
    Plus, this will avoid any superstitious curse that would come to Giroux if he were to be placed on the cover.

  3. How about a cover of Jeff Carter doing a line of cocaine off of Mike Richard’s helmet?
    NHL 13……Its in the game..

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