Vote LeSean McCoy For Madden Cover

Screen Shot 2012-03-28 at 12.27.56 PM
Or don't, if you are stitious.

Like last year, a Philadelphia Eagle is a participant in the Madden cover voting. This year it’s LeSean McCoy, who, during the announcement of participants last week, guaranteed an Eagles championship

Voting begins today. McCoy squares off against Larry Fitzgerald in the first round. The victor will take on the winner of the Cam Newtown-Antonio Gates matchup.

Vote here.

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16 Responses

  1. Stop voting. I think we all know what will happen. He has already made a guarantee… this season is dead before it started.

  2. Um not to be a dick but it is the second round, and it is pretty clear by the screen shot… Second round.

  3. The Phillies just signed Ching-lu Hu and this is what you are wasting my time with?
    You are a failure, not matter what I say to your face.

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