Your Thursday Morning Roundup: Jeremy Roenick Loses His Shit, Sixers Just Lose, D-Jac, and More

Good day, sports fans. I do apologize for what has been a slow few weeks here– both Drew and I have been under the weather and there hasn't been much going on from a blog perspective. We expect things to pick up soon now that the two worst months of the year are over. The cold, frigid (though this year Al Gore provided us some warmth) months of January and February are finished. We can move on to baseball, meaningful hockey and… well, the Sixers stumbling like a nerdy kid trying to leg out a triple in kickball.

Last night the Sixers lost for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, sixth time in seven games… and that’s not the Here Come The Sixers pun I wanted to make.

However, there was one positive takeaway: Malik Rose’s #shitmaliksays had a good night, highlighted by this gem while James Harden was choking on free throws:

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 8.56.04 AM

. Glad to see Malik has kept up the full court press as we get into the dog days of, um, I guess March.

– DeSean Jackson shut down Gucci last night. I’m not up on all things thug, but I assume this means they either “stayed so late they closed the store” or “it was shut down because celebs were in the house.” I don’t care to research further.

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.00.04 AM

– Good article on Mike Richards and Jeff Carter being reunited.

– Here’s a grainy pic of Shane Victorino, Cliff Lee and Jonathan Papelbon shooting a March Madness spot for TNT. The network, along with CBS, will be featuring celebs and athletes in spots throughout March.

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.01.17 AM

– Finally, when a friend told me yesterday that Jeremy Roenick was advertising the Harley that he is selling on eBay through his Twitter page, I wondered why I couldn’t see the update myself. It turns out it's because JR blocked me following this somewhat heated exchange with your friendly neighborhood blogger. Sad.

Anyway, JR was back at it again yesterday, first telling off fans on Twitter…

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.03.25 AM

… and then a hilariously heated exchange with Mike Milbury on NBC Sports Comcast Whatever The Fuck. Video after the jump.


Thanks to everyone for the tip on this, video via Puck Daddy


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  1. You wouldn’t be sick of him if you didn’t get his tweets updated to the minute on this website for the sole purpose of villainizing him. And when he leaves town we will bitch that he didn’t have what it took to hack it here. He does, just get off his fucking nuts and his twitter page. “If you don’t like it, don’t read it.”

  2. 1. Sweet Lou Willimas is shaving points.
    2. who is the creeepy looking guy D Jax is hanging with????
    3. The JR tweet gave me a nice lol
    4. How gross is James Harden’s beard??
    5. Chirp

  3. @Birdman baby, I fly in any weather-
    Let Kyle do his thing & beat it.
    best local site

  4. Fyi- This is the best local site. I’m on it 10 times a day. But the “thing” over the last few months is grabbing tweets from various sports personalities and turning CB into a summary of the days hot tweets. He’s better than that.
    @MM- Amen.

  5. Video’s worth watching Jonesy smile that one up at the 4:42 mark. He was doing all he could to contain that laugh. 🙂

  6. Ok, I read the article on the Richards-Carter reunion. The writer actually wrote this in the 2nd full paragraph, “who would of thought they would be reunited within a year?”. After using “of” as a verb, I couldn’t take it seriously.

  7. Desean is going to need alot of friends like Birdman if he wants to spend like he thinks he is entitled to.

  8. i dont understand JR’s argument. The plays they showed, the guys obviously were not trying to play the puck, it is obvious they were going for the hit instead. its not about being a dirty hit, its about making players understand that those are the hits that are seriously hurting people. PLAY THE PUCK

  9. Milbury is the worst. Seem to always disagree with any words that comes out of his vaginal lips.

  10. Yeah it was a clean hit, but Jonesy and mcline88 are correct, unfortunately in today’s age of bigger, stronger, faster athletes, these big hits are hurting the athletes. I don’t like, being a former Ice Hockey player myself, who never shied away from a hit, too many players are getting hurt and their careers ended early because of concussions, changes need to be made.

  11. Since the beginning of time, ice hockey players have been taught to take the body. Keep your eyes on the crest, etc. That was a perfectly legal hit. Quite frankly, letang is soft. As always has been. But if you wanna be a dman who flys around and tries to take it end to end, shit like that is gonna happen once in a while.

  12. JR is a Douche-nozzle
    But so is Millbury…..
    Why is everyone picking on Kyle lately?
    I agree with some of the comments about Carter and Richards and he goes overboard by bringing up old shit……but still, Kyle’s thing is to start some shit sometimes to bring something to the table and get reads and web hits….. and I know he gets a lot of shit from Twitter, but that’s one of his sources….so relax guys. Howard Eskin and Angelo Cataldi do the same shit (starting shit to get responses, good or bad), so it’s not too bad of an idea for a blogger to let shit hit the fan and get comments/readers.

  13. i dont understand JR’s argument. The plays they showed, the guys obviously were not trying to play the puck, it is obvious they were going for the hit instead. its not about being a dirty hit, its about making players understand that those are the hits that are seriously hurting people. PLAY THE PUCK
    Posted by: mcline88 | March 01, 2012 at 10:13 AM
    you dont understand hockey either. The basis of a forecheck is that the first man takes the body and the second takes the puck.simple. hockey 101. letang put himself in that position by poking at the puck and leaving himself vulnerable instead of recongnizing that a hit was coming and bracing for impact. the problem with players today is that they are pampered from peewee on up about the physicallity of the of The first things i was taught was how to skate with my head up while handling the puck, all this shit about “unsuspecting players is total bullshit.If you have the puck or have just played the puck you should always be expecting to get hit. Keep your head up, and on a swivel. again hockey 101. nothing illegal about that hit. the mindset that needs to be change is the defenseless “unsuspecting player” b.s. Players need to think out there and realize that the guy on the other team is getting paid to separate him from the puck and adjust accordingly. Bad break for letang,no intent to hit the head on this play however. and oh by the way, Mike Milbury is possibly the worst analyst ive ever seen cover the NHL and if anyone saw the way he used to play can understand why JR is giving him the WTF. I feel like players today are not taught the respect for the speed and physical and mental toughness that is required to play this game. 20 yrs ago you didnt have all this shit about hits to the head(which the letang hit wasnt) there was more respect in the game from player to player, and i feel like because of the style of the game then, players were more prepared for taking hits and didnt put themselves in vulnerable spots.

  14. i just watched the video again. That was a stupid play by letang to go for the poke there with a player coming at him. He needs to realize that he is going to get hit there. bottom line. as big a douce as JR is, he is 100% right on this one. and i would love for someone to tell Pierre MaGuire to shove that microphone somewhere. hes the biggest douche among NHL analysts

  15. the reason for hitting is so you dont have to play the puck. theres two ways to take a guy off the puck…go after the puck itself(playing the puck) or hitting the guy off the puck (playing the man). ALL defenseman and 3rd/4th line players are taught to take the man FIRST then worry about the puck. thats the purpose of a checking line…to check. the hit was clean letang screwed himself over by trying to get fancy and he put himself in an awkward position to take an awkward hit. the purpose of hitting isnt to make a play on the puck. if nystrom tries to make a play on the puck then he misses letang and the puck com;letely on that play he wouldve known that going in which leaves the only remaining choice of hitting the player which he managed to do cleanly. and honestly on a play like that he managed to avoid the head when it wouldve been much easier (and a much bigger hit) to have just hit him high. he didnt. letangs concussion was caused by whiplash not by the contact itself. nystrom should be commended really for avoiding a dirty play. but hell probably end up getting punished because now in the nhl if you injure someone even if its a clean hit you get penalized. especially if its a penguin. such a shame that the nhl is going down like this

  16. So it’s sad that Roenick blocked you on twitter but it’s completely different when you block people? How many people have you blocked? Probably every single person that ever talks about how much of a piece of shit your Philly Sports TMZ wannabe website is.

  17. Birdman shut down Gucci so he could teach DJac how to cook crack…I got a hundred grand in rubber bands. He probably put someone in a trash can. #rolemodels

  18. D-Jac needs to learn how to spell, and quit acting like hes some kind of high roller. the general manager of the corner drug store has a higher salary than his ass, and hes shuttin down a gucci store. what a douche

  19. Zach must be chirp. Longest post since I chased chirp away. Zach, get of my site a$$hole.

  20. I’m so happy and hoarse and hung over it’s been a litlte rough here in technology land, in the aftermath. The computer has no pity.. There is another Hawks fan on the floor. He wore his jersey and we squealed at each other for a bit.

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