And Now, Bull Riding Fun at Xfinity Live!

Screen Shot 2012-04-19 at 12.27.44 PM
What happens in PBR at Xfinity Live! stays… on the Internet.

I told you. I told you that bull-riding mishaps and chaos were going to be all the rage. Two videos, for your viewing pleasure, of mechanical bull-riding at Xfinity Live!

This first one, apparently taken last eve, comes to us from Jimmy Traina, of’s Hot Clicks. Watch as the drunk guy starts smacking the bull, who is clearly in a position of dominance.

For the love of all that is holy– will people please start holding the iPhone the correct way when taking a video:

This, folks, is how white people get hurt.

Second, a more upbeat video, sent to us by reader Dan, who works over this broad…

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27 Responses

  1. @JR…hes hurt. The interesting thing is if it was his foot wouldn’t the media have noticed a limp and said something?
    Did you hear who went in net for him at practice? Micheal Leighton!

  2. xfinity live is brutal. basically a bunch of northeast and delco trash fans wearing jerseys, packing the place and being obnoxious. i like the beer selections, the food prices etc but id rather pull up a chair at a local pub anytime

  3. TR your assessment is dead on, except I wouldn’t call 90% of the people in there “fans”

  4. Christ.. Bryz leaves practice early every day. That’s why Leighton is around to have 2 goalies at practice.

  5. my buddies & I walked in with our faces painted & the bouncers at xfinity kicked us out after 2 beers. wtf

  6. dont forget about the philly trash. South jersey fans there are the only thing making it bearable.

  7. Yea, they gotta get those bouncers outta control, it’s not fucking Roadhouse you steroids freaks

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