Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 11.47.23 AMYou! You're still the team to beat™ (Photo: AP)

Let’s take a brief detour from your hockey lust – just for a moment – to check in with former World Fucking Champion Brad Lidge, who had some nice (?) things to say about his less talented former team. 

Speaking to Marc Narducci of while in New York to play the Mets, Lidge said:

"When Utley and Howard get back, it's still their division to lose. But that being said, they won't win 102 games. We are going to win more games. The Marlins are going to win more games. The Mets and Braves I think, will be close to .500.”

“I know in Philly they aren't off to the start they wanted. During the course of the season those pitchers will play out the way they always play out, and nothing is going to change.”


See, now that’s what we expect out of Bradley, not this the Nationals are the most talented team I’ve ever played on crap.

Of course, he remembers a time here when the team actually hit the ball…