Chelsea to Play MLS All-Stars at PPL Park

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Let me tell you about an unfortunate scenario for my friend Dan, who is a huge Chelsea nut. He moved to London for work this year (with an added perk being that he can watch his team in-person), and will return to visit Philadelphia in mid-July, narrowly missing his favorite team when they play against the MLS All-Stars in (near) Philadelphia.

Poor guy. All those miles when he could have just driven to Chester in July.

Anyway, that’s just a long, anecdotal way of telling you that – as first surmised hereChelsea will play the MLS All-Stars at PPL Park on July 25. Peter Nowak will coach the MLS team, which means you can expect him to get into tiffs with his best players and trot out a bunch of B-listers for the match).

Cue soccer hating comments!


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  1. noone cares about soccer. its hockey playoffs, a sport that involves men, unlike that pussy shit called soccer.

  2. I just hope the Union aren’t still winless by the time this game comes around. And for those who follow the team… they know I’m not kidding.

  3. kidding me with this post????????? It’s the f*cking playoffs, no1 cares about the union

  4. Are you kidding me bro???? Posting a Philadelphia Sports topic on a Philadelphia Sports blog???? WTF????
    Can’t we get hyped on the Flyers and read about something that some Philly sports fans might be interested at the same time without infighting (that’s a word right?)
    That being said, this interests me none…Spurs in NY and Baltimore this summer though? I’ll be there

  5. Great, all the little soccer queers will have something to do that day in shitstain chester.

  6. I love how soccer fans have to sing all throughout the game cause it’s so fucking boring

  7. Another thing the flyers need to stop playing that dumb ass soccer song after they score, makes me want to punch Bruno in the face

  8. This is freakin awesome. Too bad those of us who actually played soccer and are fans…aren’t hipsters. Nice try.
    Also, the Flyers and Union are my two favorite Philly teams…it is possible to coexist. No one would complain about a Phils post being in here while it’s playoff hockey. Relax, kids.
    Go Flyers!

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