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Photo by Adam d'Oliveira and his excellent gallery of Flyers portraits on his Facebook page

Mmm. Drops of ginger. Somewhere, this chick is losing her shit. 

Claude Giroux tops the latest (arbitrary) ESPN Cross-Sport Power Rankings.

After being held scoreless in the Flyers' Game 1 win, Giroux busted out with three goals and three assists in Game 2, setting a Philadelphia franchise record for most points in a playoff game. He followed that up with a goal and an assist in Game 3, putting the Flyers on the brink of a sweep over the favored Penguins.

Giroux had some help, as teammate Danny Briere checks in at No. 7 in the rankings, giving the Flyers two of the three NHL players to make this week's top 10.


Shockingly, a network that virtually ignores hockey placed a hockey player atop it’s list. Giroux finished just a head of Matt Kemp, Andrew Bynum, and Lionel Messi. Danny Briere and his magical playoff hands came in at no. 7. 

Nice to see that the self-named worldwide leader recognizes greatness when they see it. And yes, I’m fully prepared for the karma backwash that is headed our way.