Craig Berube Rips Sidney Crosby, Says Players “Should Run Him Over”

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Nobody puts Chief in the corner. 

On Sunday, while Peter Laviolette was losing his shit and calling Dan Bylsma a fucking cunt (at least one reader’s mom thinks he did) assistant coach Craig Berube – The Chief – played the unlikely role of peacemaker. That's the social equivalent of battery acid serving as an artificial sweetener. But don’t let Berube's actions fool you– he was mad, real mad, Joe Jackson at what had happened between the Flyers and Penguins. 

Here’s what he told the Daily News Live crew yesterday [we’re admittedly a bit late on this, but we’ll assume that most of you don't watch every single minute of DNL]

"Let me tell you something, Crosby and Malkin are the two dirtiest players on their hockey team. They slash, they punch guys in the face. They do all these little things– I got no problem with what Schenn does. And if someone runs [Crosby] over– that’s great. They should run him over. This guy gets away with too much, in my opinion, whines to the refs all day and all night. It’s a joke. And the guy did something to Schenner a little bit earlier, so he just went at gave him a little shot. It wasn’t like it was a tough, bad cross-check. The guy dove. And I understand all that, they’re going to protect their guy, and they should."


So… pretty much the same thing every non-Pittsburgh hockey fan on the planet has been saying for the last five years. Glad to see we’re all on the same page. Berube joins Mike Milbury in calling out the Penguins and Crosby for basically being a bunch of sissies, which is the nicest adjective I could come up with (Labia lint seemed a bit harsh and descriptive).

Video after the jump. Fun starts around 2:15.



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  1. At least the Chief won’t be a pussy like Milbury and apologize for his remarks about calling Crosby a punk. If that doesn’t tell you the punk gets preferential treatment, nothing does. you can bet the NHL came down on him to apologize to the golden boy, or bitch. Granato is and always will be a bitch, not even worthy of USA hockey. His sister was tougher, probably kicked his ass regularly. As a matter of fact, he may have the vagina.

  2. Cue “Penguins fan that goes to Temple and majors in women’s liberation with a minor in consumption of male genitalia.” in 3, 2, 1…

  3. Funny how Berube is talking sh*t now after he played piece maker sunday. What a clown
    @LOL- Be careful what you wish for boss man.
    -I don’t mean to keep trolling this flyers blog but I just can’t help myself

  4. People say Crosby/Malkin are the greatest but then I look at Bob’s record at Pitt (5-0) and laugh

  5. @Penguins fan who goes to Temple- Yo bro you make a lots of cents. Whoops, damn spellchecker, meant sense.

  6. Temple Fan: Quick, name 5 players other than Lemieux and Jagr that played before Crosby. No cheating.

  7. @Temple Pens fan – Berube is answering a question, not stirring the pot. There’s no counter argument here. As the home team the Pens had last shift change, and after seeing Lavy put Briere-Schenn-Simmonds out with less than a min remaining down 3 goals, Bylsma put their thugs on the ice. I didn’t know Bylsma had that bitch move in him, seemed like an awesome dude in last year’s 24/7

  8. Does anyone else find the Penguins fan who goes to Temple entertaining?? I hope he keeps posting

  9. Hey Temple Penis Fan,
    What did your one pussy lip say to the other? Nothing because you have both Crosby’s and Malkin’s dick in there.

  10. Penguins fan that went to temple. What year did you become a Penguins fan?

  11. Penguins fan that went to Temple..Can you really consider yourself a top organization in hockey when your fanbase is all bandwagon since 87 hoppers..Can an organization build itself off gift wrapped number one picks forever? This isn’t the NBA.

  12. Crosby is a whiny pussy like Lemiux was back in the day. I’m sure Mario sat there every day and told him to become a whiny bitch about stuff to get calls.
    Everybody around the league knows Malkin is dirty and Crosby is a whiny bitch.
    But the first Flyers player who makes #87 into a #88 with a good hard hit, all the Pens coaches, players, and fans will be complaining about it to the league and a suspension and fine will be levied.
    Why no fines for Bylsma for sending the goons out at the end of the game? NHL is a joke…such preferential treatment to the Pens.
    #66 must have some good Gary Bettman photos.

  13. The greatest part about pens temple fan is that he brings nothing to the table

  14. Looks like Bryz is standing on his head. I’m glad he’s back healthy.
    I can not wait until 4/11/2012

  15. I having been saying it all year long. The difference between the rangers and the flyers is simply goaltending. It looks like the real Bryz is back…
    Chris, home ice in the playoffs is meaningless! stop playig video games
    Oh, and I think Flyers fans don’t want you back in my stadium Chirp. Jinx.

  16. ROB HOUSE … Bryz looked GREAT last night … if that’s “BACK” then you’re DONE.

  17. One game back from injury and the “real” Bryz is back. Ridiculous. Rob House, you’re officially now not allowed to enjoy any Flyers’ wins when Bryz is the goalie.

  18. @House who is your favorite NHL team?
    For the idiots that dont know hockey: AKA House…
    Did you notice who was not in the lineup for the Flyers? Grossman…did you notice how many goals were scored from someone standing alone in front of the net? Amazing how when the Flyers have no big bodies in the lineup on D they can’t stop other teams from scoring!!
    If you continue to roll out Bourdon and Lilja as your 5 and 6 you will lose almost every game. While Bryz could have played better, its tough to pin that game on him when he had no help. Carle, Coburn, Timmo, Lilja, Kubina, and Bourdon were all terrible last night. If you do not see that then your not a real hockey fan…so go back to your video games.
    Since getting Grossman the Flyers have been one of the best teams, why because he brings physical play to the front of the net and makes our D that much better. Without him we will have to win by scoring 4+ goals. With him we can win 2-1 games.

  19. It’s “peacemaker,” not “piece maker” you bunch of knuckle dragging Neanderthals. It’s clear from your lack of writing sophistication and 2nd grade vocabulary that you losers have no idea what you’re talking about. You haven’t won a Cup since the 70s and so you resort to juvenile gay slurs to put down the Penguins because you know the Flyers will choke in the playoffs like they do every year, and the Pens will kick your ass. Since you seem to enjoy talking about penises in a guy’s mouth so much, I wonder if you’re fighting with your own homosexuality? It sounds like it’s time for you to come out of the closet. You’ll be a lot happier.

  20. @Pensrule,
    Eye always wondereed why i knever one at scrable.
    Careful what you wish for tough guy. Flyers are 4-1-1 against your dirty team. 2-0 with Sid in the lineup, and both games you lead 2-0 before blowing the lead.
    You have yet to beat us at your new arena. We would love to have home ice but its not that much of a loss for us considering we have played better on the road all season…
    Like I said…careful what you say, last thing you would want going into the playoffs would be to play a team that has had your number all season.

    1. You’ve yet to win a cup in going on 40+ years and this pathetic team won’t even make the playoffs.

      They’ve got 2 players worth mentioning & a back up goalie that has to show Mason how it’s done while he’s out with chapped lips.

      Eh umm let’s get umm a player who had umm a shitty career and umm get him um to um coach umm our umm team.

  21. Chirp, stop stalking me. My favorite team is in the playoffs thats all you need to know

  22. I wish sports commentators would stop including those of us who have never been penguins fans-why would we cheer for a wuss like crosby-give me a break. Loblaws will lose s lot business with the Crosby advertising. I will not shop there anymore and neither will my very large family and friends.

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