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Nobody puts Chief in the corner. 

On Sunday, while Peter Laviolette was losing his shit and calling Dan Bylsma a fucking cunt (at least one reader’s mom thinks he did) assistant coach Craig Berube – The Chief – played the unlikely role of peacemaker. That's the social equivalent of battery acid serving as an artificial sweetener. But don’t let Berube's actions fool you– he was mad, real mad, Joe Jackson at what had happened between the Flyers and Penguins. 

Here’s what he told the Daily News Live crew yesterday [we’re admittedly a bit late on this, but we’ll assume that most of you don't watch every single minute of DNL]

"Let me tell you something, Crosby and Malkin are the two dirtiest players on their hockey team. They slash, they punch guys in the face. They do all these little things– I got no problem with what Schenn does. And if someone runs [Crosby] over– that’s great. They should run him over. This guy gets away with too much, in my opinion, whines to the refs all day and all night. It’s a joke. And the guy did something to Schenner a little bit earlier, so he just went at gave him a little shot. It wasn’t like it was a tough, bad cross-check. The guy dove. And I understand all that, they’re going to protect their guy, and they should."


So… pretty much the same thing every non-Pittsburgh hockey fan on the planet has been saying for the last five years. Glad to see we’re all on the same page. Berube joins Mike Milbury in calling out the Penguins and Crosby for basically being a bunch of sissies, which is the nicest adjective I could come up with (Labia lint seemed a bit harsh and descriptive).

Video after the jump. Fun starts around 2:15.